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Adaptive Immune Resistance Emerges from Tumor-Initiating Stem Cells

Miao, Yuxuan; Yang, Hanseulresearcher; Levorse, John; Yuan, Shaopeng; Polak, Lisa; Sribour, Megan; Singh, Bhuvanesh; et al, CELL, v.177, no.5, pp.1172 - +, 2019-05

NFI transcription factors provide chromatin access to maintain stem cell identity while preventing unintended lineage fate choices

Adam, Rene C.; Yang, Hanseulresearcher; Ge, Yejing; Infarinato, Nicole R.; Gur-Cohen, Shiri; Miao, Yuxuan; Wang, Ping; et al, NATURE CELL BIOLOGY, v.22, no.6, pp.640 - +, 2020-06

Stem cell-driven lymphatic remodeling coordinates tissue regeneration

Gur-Cohen, Shiri; Yang, Hanseulresearcher; Baksh, Sanjeethan C.; Miao, Yuxuan; Levorse, John; Kataru, Raghu P.; Liu, Xiaolei; et al, SCIENCE, v.366, no.6470, pp.1218 - +, 2019-12

The aging skin microenvironment dictates stem cell behavior

Ge, Yejing; Miao, Yuxuan; Gur-Cohen, Shiri; Gomez, Nicholas; Yang, Hanseulresearcher; Nikolova, Maria; Polak, Lisa; et al, PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, v.117, no.10, pp.5339 - 5350, 2020-03



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