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Critical role of CD11b(+) macrophages and VEGF in inflammatory lymphangiogenesis, antigen clearance, and inflammation resolution

Kataru, Raghu P.; Jung, Keehoon; Jang, Cholsoon; Yang, Hanseulresearcher; Schwendener, Reto A.; Baik, Jung Eun; Han, Seung Hyun; et al, BLOOD, v.113, no.22, pp.5650 - 5659, 2009-05

Inhibition of ERK-MAP kinase signaling by RSK during Drosophila development

Kim, Myungjin; Lee, Jun Hee; Koh, Hyongjong; Lee, Soo Young; Jang, Cholsoon; Chung, Cecilia J.; Sung, Jung Hwan; et al, EMBO JOURNAL, v.25, no.13, pp.3056 - 3067, 2006-07

LKB1 induces apical trafficking of Silnoon, a monocarboxylate transporter, in Drosophila melanogaster

Jang, Cholsoon; Lee, Gina; Chung, Jongkyeongresearcher, JOURNAL OF CELL BIOLOGY, v.183, no.1, pp.11 - 17, 2008-10

Pharmacological Stimulation of NADH Oxidation Ameliorates Obesity and Related Phenotypes in Mice

Hwang, Jung Hwan; Kim, Dong Wook; Jo, Eun An; Kim, Yong Kyung; Jo, Young Suk; Park, Ji Hoon; Yoo, Sang Ku; et al, DIABETES, v.58, no.4, pp.965 - 974, 2009

UVRAG is required for organ rotation by regulating Notch endocytosis in Drosophila

Lee, Gina; Liang, Chengyu; Park, Gihyun; Jang, Cholsoon; Jung, Jae U.; Chung, Jongkyeongresearcher, DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY, v.356, no.2, pp.588 - 597, 2011-08



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