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cAMP signalling in mushroom bodies modulates temperature preference behaviour in Drosophila

Hong, Sung-Tae; Bang, Sunhoe; Hyun, Seogang; Kang, Jongkyun; Jeong, Kyunghwa; Paik, Donggi; Chung, Jongkyeongresearcher; et al, NATURE, v.454, no.7205, pp.771 - U97, 2008-08

Loss of spastic paraplegia gene atlastin induces age-dependent death of dopaminergic neurons in Drosophila

Lee, Youngseok; Paik, Donggi; Bang, Sunhoe; Kang, Jongkyun; Chun, Bumkoo; Lee, Seungbok; Bae, Eunkyung; et al, NEUROBIOLOGY OF AGING, v.29, no.1, pp.84 - 94, 2008-01

Pyrexia is a new thermal transient receptor potential channel endowing tolerance to high temperatures in Drosophila melanogaster

Lee, Youngseok; Lee, Yong; Lee, Jaejung; Bang, Sunhoe; Hyun, Seogang; Kang, Jongkyun; Hong, Sung-Tae; et al, NATURE GENETICS, v.37, no.3, pp.305 - 310, 2005-03



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