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Tcf7l2 in hepatocytes regulates de novo lipogenesis in diet-induced non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in mice

Lee, Da Som; An, Tae Hyeon; Kim, Hyunmi; Jung, Eunsun; Kim, Gyeonghun; Oh, Seung Yeon; Kim, Jun Seok; et al, DIABETOLOGIA, v.66, no.5, pp.931 - 954, 2023-05

Protease allergen-induced HMGB1 contributes to NLRC4 inflammasome-mediated inflammation in experimental asthma

Kim, Yun Hee; Lim, Je-Oh; Kim, Joong Sun; Kim, Bu-Yeo; Pyun, Bo-Jeong; Lee, Se-Jin; Kim, Dong Eon; et al, ALLERGY, v.78, no.5, pp.1387 - 1392, 2023-05

Mature B cells and mesenchymal stem cells control emergency myelopoiesis

Lim, Vivian Y; Feng, Xing; Miao, Runfeng; Zehentmeier, Sandra; Ewing-Crystal, Nathan; Lee, Moonyoung; Tumanov, Alexei V; et al, LIFE SCIENCE ALLIANCE, v.6, no.4, 2023-04

Fabrication of Scratched Nanogrooves for Highly Oriented Cell Alignment and Application as a Wound Healing Dressing

Shin, Min Jeong; Im, San Hae; Kim, Baekman; Choi, Jieun; Lucia, Stephani Edwina; Kim, Wantae; Park, Jesse G.; et al, ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, v.15, no.15, pp.18653 - 18662, 2023-04

In vivo longitudinal 920 nm two-photon intravital kidney imaging of a dynamic 2,8-DHA crystal formation and tubular deterioration in the adenine-induced chronic kidney disease mouse model

Choi, Jieun; Choi, Min -sun; Jeon, Jehwi; Moon, Jieun; Lee, Jingu; Kong, Eunji; Lucia, Stephani edwina; et al, BIOMEDICAL OPTICS EXPRESS, v.14, no.4, pp.1647 - 1658, 2023-04

Fasudil alleviates the vascular endothelial dysfunction and several phenotypes of Fabry disease

Choi, Jong Bin; Seol, Dong-Won; Do, Hyo-Sang; Yang, Hee-Young; Kim, Taek-Min; Byun, Youkyeong Gloria; Choi, Jinhyuk; et al, MOLECULAR THERAPY, v.31, no.4, pp.1002 - 1016, 2023-04

Regulation of c-SMAC formation and AKT-mTOR signaling by the TSG101-IFT20 axis in CD4(+) T cells

Jeong, Jiung; Kang, In; Kim, Yumin; Ku, Keun Bon; Park, Changhyun; Kim, Hyun-Jin; Kim, Chae Won; et al, CELLULAR & MOLECULAR IMMUNOLOGY, v.20, pp.529 - 539, 2023-04

Hepatic TREM2(+) macrophages express matrix metalloproteinases to control fibrotic scar formation

Lee, Kyeong-Jin; An, Seungchan; Kim, Mi-Yeon; Kim, Sun Myoung; Jeong, Won-Ilresearcher; Ko, Hyun-Jeong; Yang, Yoon Mee; et al, IMMUNOLOGY AND CELL BIOLOGY, v.101, no.3, pp.216 - 230, 2023-03

Mapping thalamic innervation to individual L2/3 pyramidal neurons and modeling their ‘readout’ of visual input

Balcioglu, Aygul; Gillani, Rebecca; Doron, Michael; Burnell, Kendyll; Ku, Taeyunresearcher; Erisir, Alev; Chung, Kwanghun; et al, NATURE NEUROSCIENCE, v.26, no.3, pp.470 - 480, 2023-03

A heterologous AZD1222 priming and BNT162b2 boosting regimen more efficiently elicits neutralizing antibodies, but not memory T cells, than the homologous BNT162b2 regimen

Baek, Yae Jee; Kim, Woo-Joong; Ko, Jae-Hoon; Lee, Youn-Jung; Ahn, Jin Young; Kim, Jung Ho; Jang, Ho Cheol; et al, VACCINE, v.41, no.10, pp.1694 - 1702, 2023-03

Fusobacterium nucleatum induces a tumor microenvironment with diminished adaptive immunity against colorectal cancers

Kim, Han Sang; Kim, Chang Gon; Kim, Won Kyu; Kim, Kyung-A; Yoo, Jinseon; Min, Byung Soh; Paik, Soonmyung; et al, FRONTIERS IN CELLULAR AND INFECTION MICROBIOLOGY, v.13, 2023-03

New insights in the pathogenesis of alcohol-related liver disease: The metabolic, immunologic, and neurologic pathways

Ryu, Tom; Kim, Kyurae; Choi, Sung Eun; Chung, Po Sin; Jeong, Won-Ilresearcher, LIVER RESEARCH, v.7, no.1, pp.1 - 8, 2023-03

Corticosteroids reduce pathologic interferon responses by downregulating STAT1 in patients with high-risk COVID-19

Jeong, Hyun-Woo; Lee, Jeong Seokresearcher; Ko, Jae-Hoon; Hong, Seunghee; Oh, Sang Taek; Choi, Seongkyun; Peck, Kyong Ran; et al, EXPERIMENTAL AND MOLECULAR MEDICINE, v.55, no.3, pp.653 - 664, 2023-03

A novel splicing variant of DJ-1 in Parkinson?s disease induces mitochondrial dysfunction

Cho, Namjoon; Joo, Jaegeon; Choi, Sunkyung; Kang, Bu-Gyeong; Lee, Andrew J.; Youn, So-Yeon; Park, Su-Hyungresearcher; et al, HELIYON, v.9, no.3, 2023-03

Targeting lipid–protein interaction to treat Syk-mediated acute myeloid leukemia

Singaram, Indira; Sharma, Ashutosh; Pant, Shashank; Lihan, Muyun; Park, Mi-Jeong; Pergande, Melissa; Buwaneka, Pawanthi; et al, NATURE CHEMICAL BIOLOGY, v.19, no.2, pp.239 - 250, 2023-02

Dynamic changes in peripheral blood monocytes early after anti-PD-1 therapy predict clinical outcomes in hepatocellular carcinoma

Jeon, Seung Hyuck; Lee, Yong Joon; Kim, Hyung-Don; Nam, Heejin; Ryoo, Baek-Yeol; Park, Su-Hyungresearcher; Yoo, Changhoon; et al, CANCER IMMUNOLOGY IMMUNOTHERAPY, v.72, no.2, pp.371 - 384, 2023-02

ECM Architecture-Mediated Regulation of fl-Cell Differentiation from hESCs via Hippo-Independent YAP Activation

Shin, Eunji; Kwon, Tae Yoon; Cho, Youngbin; Kim, Youngjin; Shin, Jennifer H.researcher; Han, Yong-Mahnresearcher, ACS BIOMATERIALS SCIENCE & ENGINEERING, v.9, no.2, pp.680 - 692, 2023-02

Increased type III interferons and NK cell functions in SARS-CoV-2-infected children

Jeong, Seong Dong; Lee, Hoyoung; Chang, Ju Young; Lee, Seong Yong; Choi, Ji Eun; Yang, Eunmi; Jeong, Hye Won; et al, SIGNAL TRANSDUCTION AND TARGETED THERAPY, v.8, no.1, 2023-02

Generation of a CRISPR/Cas9-corrected-hiPSC line (DDLABi001-A) from Fabry disease (FD)-derived iPSCs having a-galactosidase (GLA) gene mutation (c.803_806del)

Choi, Jong Bin; Seo, Donghyuk; Do, Hyo-Sang; Han, Yong-Mahnresearcher, STEM CELL RESEARCH, v.66, 2023-02

Exosome-Based Delivery of Super-Repressor I kappa B alpha Alleviates Alcohol-Associated Liver Injury in Mice

Kim, Hee-Hoon; Shim, Young-Ri; Choi, Sung Eun; Falana, Tolulope Esther; Yoo, Jae-Kwang; Ahn, So-Hee; Park, Minhye; et al, PHARMACEUTICS, v.15, no.2, 2023-02


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