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Adaptive coding of reward value by dopamine neurons

Tobler, PN; Fiorillo, Christopher D.researcher; Schultz, W, SCIENCE, v.307, no.5715, pp.1642 - 1645, 2005-03

Advanced combinational microfluidic multiplexer using multiple levels of control pressures

Lee, Dong Woo; Doh, Il; Kim, Yoonji; Cho, Young-Horesearcher, LAB ON A CHIP, v.13, no.18, pp.3658 - 3662, 2013-09

Advanced Materials and Devices for Bioresorbable Electronics

Kang, Seung-Kyunresearcher; Koo, Jahyun; Lee, Yoon Kyeung; Rogers, John A., ACCOUNTS OF CHEMICAL RESEARCH, v.51, no.5, pp.988 - 998, 2018-05

Advanced significance analysis of microarray data based on weighted resampling: a comparative study and application to gene deletions in Mycobacterium bovis

Kutalik, Z; Inwald, J; Gordon, SV; Hewinson, RG; Butcher, P; Hinds, J; Cho, Kwang-Hyunresearcher; et al, BIOINFORMATICS, v.20, pp.357 - 363, 2004-02

Ag/Au Alloyed Nanoislands for Wafer-Level Plasmonic Color Filter Arrays

Hwang, Charles; Ahn, Myeong-Su; Lee, Youngseop; Chung, Taerin; Jeong, Ki-Hunresearcher, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.9, 2019-06

Agarose microwell based neuronal micro-circuit arrays for high throughput drug testing

Jeong, Heon-Ho; Lee, Ji-Hye; Kang, Gyumin; NAM, Yoonkey; Lee, Chang-Soo, EXPERIMENTAL GERONTOLOGY, v.48, no.7, pp.689 - 690, 2013-07

Agarose microwell based neuronal micro-circuit arrays on microelectrode arrays for high throughput drug testing

Kang, Gyumin; Lee, Ji-Hye; Lee, Chang-Soo; NAM, YOONKEYresearcher, LAB ON A CHIP, v.9, no.22, pp.3236 - 3242, 2009-11

Agarose-Assisted Micro-Contact Printing for High-Quality Biomolecular Micro-Patterns

Jang, Min Jee; NAM, Yoon-Keyresearcher, MACROMOLECULAR BIOSCIENCE, v.15, no.5, pp.613 - 621, 2015-05

Aggregation and Cellular Toxicity of Pathogenic or Non-pathogenic Proteins

Lee, Sungmun; Choi, Myung Chulresearcher; Al Adem, Kenana; Lukman, Suryani; Kim, Tae-Yeon, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.10, no.1, 2020-03

Agraphia in Korean patients with early onset Alzheimers disease

Yoon, Ji Hye; Suh, Mee Kyung; Jeong, Yongresearcher; Ahn, Hyun-Jung; Moon, So Young; Chin, Juhee; Seo, Sang Won; et al, INTERNATIONAL PSYCHOGERIATRICS, v.23, no.8, pp.1317 - 1326, 2011-10


SEONG, KA; Lee, Kwang-Hyungresearcher, FUZZY SETS AND SYSTEMS, v.73, no.3, pp.377 - 388, 1995-08

Alteration in the local and global functional connectivity of resting state networks in Parkinson’s disease

Ghahremani, Maryam; Yoo, Jaejun; Chung, Sun Ju; Yoo, Kwangsun; Ye, Jong Chulresearcher; Jeong, Yongresearcher, Journal of Movement Disorders, v.11, no.1, pp.13 - 23, 2018-01

Alterations in cerebral perfusion in posttraumatic stress disorder patients without re-exposure to accident-related stimuli

Chung, YA; Kim, SH; Chung, SK; Chae, JH; Yang, DW; Sohn, HS; Jeong, Jaeseungresearcher, CLINICAL NEUROPHYSIOLOGY, v.117, pp.637 - 642, 2006-03

Altered Brain Function in Persistent Postural Perceptual Dizziness: A Study on Resting State Functional Connectivity

Lee, Jin-Ok; Lee, Eeksung; Kim, Ji-Soo; Lee, Young Beom; Jeong, Yongresearcher; Choi, Byung Se; Kim, Jae-Hyung; et al, HUMAN BRAIN MAPPING, v.39, no.8, pp.3340 - 3353, 2018-07

Altered Functional Brain Networks in Patients with Traumatic Anosmia: Resting-State Functional MRI Based on Graph Theoretical Analysis

Park, Mina; Chung, Jinyong; Kim, Jin Kook; Jeong, Yongresearcher; Moon, Won-Jin, KOREAN JOURNAL OF RADIOLOGY, v.20, no.11, pp.1536 - 1545, 2019-11

Altered intrinsic functional connectivity in the latent period of epileptogenesis in a temporal lobe epilepsy model

Lee, Hyoin; Jung, Seungmoon; Lee, Peter Jaehyun; Jeong, Yongresearcher, EXPERIMENTAL NEUROLOGY, v.296, pp.89 - 98, 2017-10

Alternate Ascending/Descending Directional Navigation Approach for Imaging Magnetization Transfer Asymmetry

Park, Sung-Hongresearcher; Duong, Timothy Q., MAGNETIC RESONANCE IN MEDICINE, v.65, no.6, pp.1702 - 1710, 2011-06

Amperometric biosensor for determination of ethanol vapor

Park, Je-Kyunresearcher; YEE, HJ; KIM, ST, BIOSENSORS BIOELECTRONICS, v.10, no.6-7, pp.587 - 594, 1995-07

Amphetamine selectively blocks inhibitory glutamate transmission in dopamine neurons

Paladini, CA; Fiorillo, Christopher D.researcher; Morikawa, H; Williams, JT, NATURE NEUROSCIENCE, v.4, no.3, pp.275 - 281, 2001-03

An Approach to Reducing Information Loss and Achieving Diversity of Sensitive Attributes in k-anonymity Methods

Yoo, Sunyong; Shin, Moonshik; Lee, Doheonresearcher, INTERACTIVE JOURNAL OF MEDICAL RESEARCH, v.1, no.2, pp.1, 2012-11



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