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T-type calcium channels cause bursts of spikes in motor but not sensory thalamic neurons during mimicry of natural patterns of synaptic input

Kim, Haram; Hong, Su Z.; Fiorillo, Christopher D.researcher, FRONTIERS IN CELLULAR NEUROSCIENCE, v.9, 2015-11

T-type calcium channels promote predictive homeostasis of input-output relations in thalamocortical neurons of lateral geniculate nucleus

Hong, Su Z.; Kim, Haram; Fiorillo, Christopher D.researcher, FRONTIERS IN COMPUTATIONAL NEUROSCIENCE, v.8, 2014-08

Tailoring Single Plasmonic Resonance for RGB-NIR Imaging Using Nanoimprinted Complementary Plasmonic Structures of Nanohole and Nanodisk Arrays

Ahn, Myeong-Su; Hwang, Charles Soon Hong; Jeong, Ki-Hunresearcher, ADVANCED OPTICAL MATERIALS, v.9, no.10, 2021-05

Tapered Microtract Array Platform for Antimigratory Drug Screening of Human Glioblastoma Multiforme

Cha, Junghwa; Koh, Ilkyoo; Choi, Yemuk; Lee, Jung-Whoi; Choi, Chul-Heeresearcher; Kim, Pilnamresearcher, ADVANCED HEALTHCARE MATERIALS, v.4, no.3, 2015-02

Tapered-slit membrane filters for high-throughput viable circulating tumor cell isolation

Kang, Yoon-Tae; Doh, Il; Cho, Young-Horesearcher, BIOMEDICAL MICRODEVICES, v.17, no.2, 2015-04

Target-specific rCBF changes induced by 0.3-T static magnetic field exposure on the brain

Kim, Seungyeon; Chung, Yong-An; Lee, Chang-Uk; Chae, Jeong-Ho; Juh, Rahyeong; Jeong, Jaeseungresearcher, BRAIN RESEARCH, v.1317, pp.211 - 217, 2010-03

Task complexity interacts with state-space uncertainty in the arbitration between model-based and model-free learning

Kim, Dongjae; Park, Geon Yeong; O'Doherty, John P.; Lee, Sang Wanresearcher, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, v.10, 2019-12

Task-dependent effects of intracranial hippocampal stimulation on human memory and hippocampal theta power

Jun, Soyeon; Lee, Sang Ahresearcher; Kim, Junㄷ Sic; Jeong, Woorim; Chung, Chun Kee, BRAIN STIMULATION, v.13, no.3, pp.603 - 613, 2020-05

Tau mediates microtubule bundle architectures mimicking fascicles of microtubules found in the axon initial segment

Chung, Peter J.; Song, Chaeyeon; Deek, Joanna; Miller, Herbert P.; Li, Youli; Choi, Myung-Chulresearcher; Wilson, Leslie; et al, NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, v.7, no.12, pp.278, 2016-07

Technical Paper on Microfluidic Devices - Cell Separation Technology

Kang, Joo H; Park, Je-Kyunresearcher, ASIA PACIFIC BIOTECH NEWS, v.9, no.21, pp.1135 - 1146, 2005-11

Techniques and applications of fuzzy theory to an elevator group control systems

Lee, Kwang-Hyungresearcher; CHANGBUM KIM, FUZZY THEORY SYSTEMS : TECHNIQUES AND APPLICATIONS, v.1, no.17, pp.461 - 481, 1999

Techniques in fuzzy inference neural networks for fuzzy model improvement and their application

Lee, Kwang-Hyungresearcher; Lee, Keon-Myung, FUZZY THEORY SYSTEMS : TECHNIQUES AND APPLICATIONS, v.3, no.44, pp.1241 - 1264, 1999

Temporal Changes in Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Activation of Heterosexual Couples for Visual Stimuli of Loved Partners

Kim, Won; Kim, Seungyeon; Jeong, Jaeseungresearcher; Lee, Kyung-Uk; Ahn, Kook-Jin; Chung, Yong-An; Hong, Keun-Young; et al, PSYCHIATRY INVESTIGATION, v.6, no.1, pp.19 - 25, 2009-03

Terahertz photoconductive antenna with metal nanoislands

Park, Sang-Gil; Choi, Yongje; Oh, Young-Jae; Jeong, Ki-Hunresearcher, OPTICS EXPRESS, v.20, no.23, pp.25530 - 25535, 2012-11

Terahertz substance imaging by waveform shaping

Yi, Minwoo; Kim, Hyosub; Jin, Kyong Hwan; Ye, Jong Chulresearcher; Ahn, Jaewookresearcher, OPTICS EXPRESS, v.20, no.18, pp.20783 - 20789, 2012-08

Tertiary RNA Folding-Targeted Drug Screening Strategy Using a Protein Nanopore

Lee, Dong-Hwa; Oh, Sohee; Lim, Kyungeun; Lee, Boah; Yi, Gwan-Suresearcher; Kim, Young-Rok; Kim, Ki-Bum; et al, ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY, v.93, no.5, pp.2811 - 2819, 2021-02

Test for low-dimensional determinism in electroencephalograms

Jeong, Jaeseungresearcher; Kim, MS; Kim, Soo Yongresearcher, PHYSICAL REVIEW E, v.60, no.1, pp.831 - 837, 1999-07

TGF-beta 1 and hypoxia-dependent expression of MKP-1 leads tumor resistance to death receptor-mediated cell death

Park, Jun-Seong; Lee, Jung-Sul; Kang, Won-Seok; Chang, S.; Shin, Eui-Cheolresearcher; Choi, Chul-Heeresearcher, CELL DEATH & DISEASE, v.4, 2013-02

Thalamic T-Type Ca2+ Channels Mediate Frontal Lobe Dysfunctions Caused by a Hypoxia-Like Damage in the Prefrontal Cortex

Kim, Jeong-Jin; Woo, Jeong-Hoon; Park, Young-Gyunresearcher; Chae, Su-Jin; Jo, Seon-Mi; Choi, Jeong-Woo; Jun, Hong-Young; et al, JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE, v.31, no.11, pp.4063 - 4073, 2011-03

The APC Network Regulates the Removal of Mutated Cells from Colonic Crypts

Song, Je-Hoon; Huels, David J.; Ridgway, Rachel A.; Sansom, Owen J.; Kholodenko, Boris N.; Kolch, Walter; Cho, Kwang-Hyunresearcher, CELL REPORTS, v.7, no.1, pp.94 - 103, 2014-04



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