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Balanced steady state free precession for arterial spin labeling MRI: Initial experience for blood flow mapping in human brain, retina, and kidney

Park, Sung-Hongresearcher; Wang, Danny J. J.; Duong, Timothy Q., MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING, v.31, no.7, pp.1044 - 1050, 2013-09

Batch fabrication of functional optical elements on a fiber facet using DMD based maskless lithography

Kim, Jae-Beom; Jeong, Ki-Hunresearcher, OPTICS EXPRESS, v.25, no.14, pp.16854 - 16859, 2017-07

Behavioral evidence for memory replay of video episodes in the macaque

Zuo, Shuzhen; Wang, Lei; Shin, Jung Han; Cai, Yudian; Zhang, Boqiang; Lee, Sang Wanresearcher; Appiah, Kofi; et al, ELIFE, v.9, 2020-04

Beyond bayes: On the need for a unified and Jaynesian definition of probability and information within neuroscience

Fiorillo, Christopher D.researcher, Information (Switzerland), v.3, no.2, pp.175 - 203, 2012-04

Beyond Born-Rytov limit for super-resolution optical diffraction tomography

Lim, JooWon; Wahab, Abdul; Park, GwangSik; Lee, Kyeo Reh; Park, Yong Keunresearcher; Ye, Jong Chulresearcher, OPTICS EXPRESS, v.25, no.24, pp.30445 - 30458, 2017-11

Beyond Core Knowledge: Natural Geometry

Spelke, Elizabeth; Lee, Sang Ahresearcher; Izard, Véronique, COGNITIVE SCIENCE, v.34, no.5, pp.863 - 884, 2010-07

Beyond the SERS: Raman Enhancement of Small Molecules Using Nanofluidic Channels with Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance

Oh, Young-Jae; Park, Sang-Gil; Kang, Min-Hee; Choi, Jun-Hyuk; Nam, Yoonkeyresearcher; Jeong, KI-HUNresearcher, SMALL, v.7, no.2, pp.184 - 188, 2011-01

BGN Mutations in X-Linked Spondyloepimetaphyseal Dysplasia

Cho, Sung Yoon; Bae, Jun-Seok; Kim, Nayoung K. D.; Forzano, Francesca; Girisha, Katta Mohan; Baldo, Chiara; Faravelli, Francesca; et al, AMERICAN JOURNAL OF HUMAN GENETICS, v.98, no.6, pp.1243 - 1248, 2016-06

Biclustering for the comprehensive search of correlated gene expression patterns using clustered seed expansion

Yun, Tae-Gyun; Yi, Gwan-Suresearcher, BMC GENOMICS, v.14, 2013-03

Bicuculline-induced complexity reduction of spike trains in rat suprachiasmatic nucleus neurons in vitro

Jeong, Jaeseungresearcher; Kwak, Yongho; Lee, Kyoung Jin, JOURNAL OF THE KOREAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY, v.46, no.3, pp.620 - 624, 2005-03

Bicuculline-lnduced complexity reduction of spike trains in rat suprachiasmatic nucleus neurons in vitro

Jeong, Jaeseungresearcher; Yongho Kwak; Kyoung Jin Lee, JOURNAL OF THE KOREAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY, v.46, no.3, pp.620 - 624, 2005-03

Binding similarity network of ligand

Park, Keun-Wan; Kim, Dong-Supresearcher, PROTEINS-STRUCTURE FUNCTION AND BIOINFORMATICS, v.71, no.2, pp.960 - 971, 2008-05

Bio-inspired cell concentration and Deformability monitoring chips

Cho, Young-Horesearcher; Youn, Se-Chan; Lee, Dong-Woo, JOURNAL OF NANOSCIENCE AND NANOTECHNOLOGY, v.7, pp.4214 - 4219, 2007-11

Bio-inspired digital nanoactuators for photon and biomaterial manipulation

Lee, WC; Cho, Young-Horesearcher, CURRENT APPLIED PHYSICS, v.7, pp.139 - 146, 2007-02

Bio-inspired nanotadpoles with component-specific functionality

Kang, Hyelim; Kim, Shin-Hyunresearcher; Yang, Seung-Manresearcher; Park, Ji-Horesearcher, JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY B, v.2, no.38, pp.6462 - 6466, 2014

Bioactive calcium phosphate coating on sodium hydroxide-pretreated titanium substrate by electrodeposition

Park, Ji-Horesearcher; Lee, DY; Oh, KT; Lee, YK; Kim, KN, JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CERAMIC SOCIETY, v.87, pp.1792 - 1794, 2004-09

Bioactive calcium phosphate coating prepared on H2O2-treated titanium substrate by electrodeposition

Park, Ji-Horesearcher; Lee, YK; Kim, KM; Kim, KN, SURFACE & COATINGS TECHNOLOGY, v.195, pp.252 - 257, 2005-05

Bioactive cyanoacrylate-based filling material for bone defects in dental applications

Park, KJ; Park, Ji-Horesearcher; Lee, SB; Lee, DY; Kim, KN; Kim, KM, BIOCERAMICS, VOL 17 BOOK SERIES: KEY ENGINEERING MATERIALS, v.284-286, pp.933 - 936, 2005

Bioactivity of calcium phosphate coatings prepared by electrodeposition in a modified simulated body fluid

Park, Ji-Horesearcher; Lee, DY; Oh, KT; Lee, YK; Kim, KM; Kim, KN, MATERIALS LETTERS, v.60, pp.2573 - 2577, 2006-09

BioCAD: an information fusion platform for bio-network inference and analysis

Lee, Do-Heonresearcher; Kim, Sang-Woo; Kim, Young-Hoon, BMC BIOINFORMATICS, v.8, 2007



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