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A common hub for sleep and motor control in the substantia nigra

Liu, Danqian; Li, Weifu; Ma, Chenyan; Zheng, Weitong; Yao, Yuanyuan; Tso, Chak Foon; Zhong, Peng; et al, SCIENCE, v.367, no.6476, pp.440 - +, 2020-01

Effect of iontophoretically applied naloxone, picrotoxin and strychnine on dorsal horn neuron activities treated with high frequency conditioning stim

Jeong Yongresearcher; Baik Eun-Joo; Nam Taick-Sang; Paik Kwang-Se, YONSEI MEDICAL JOURNAL, v.36, no.4, pp.336 - 347, 1995-08

Human neural stem cell transplantation reduces spontaneous recurrent seizures following pilocarpine-induced status epilepticus in adult rats

Chu, K; Kim, M; Jung, KH; Jeon, Daejongresearcher; Lee, ST; Kim, J; Jeong, SW; et al, BRAIN RESEARCH, v.1023, pp.213 - 221, 2004-10



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