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Boundary primacy in spatial mapping: Evidence from zebrafish (Danio rerio)

Lee, Sang Ahresearcher; Ferrari, Ambra; Vallortigara, Giorgio; Sovrano, Valeria Anna, BEHAVIOURAL PROCESSES, v.119, pp.116 - 122, 2015-10

Electrophysiological Signatures of Spatial Boundaries in the Human Subiculum

Lee, Sang Ahresearcher; Miller, Jonathan F.; Watrous, Andrew J.; Sperling, Michael R.; Sharan, Ashwini; Worrell, Gregory A.; Berry, Brent M.; et al, JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE, v.38, no.13, pp.3265 - 3272, 2018-03

Navigation as a source of geometric knowledge: Young children’s use of length, angle, distance, and direction in a reorientation task

Lee, Sang Ahresearcher; Sovrano, Valeria A.; Spelke, Elizabeth S., COGNITION, v.123, no.1, pp.144 - 161, 2012-04

Spatial and numerical abilities without a complete natural language

Hyde, Daniel C.; Winkler-Rhoades, Nathan; Lee, Sang-Ahresearcher; Izard, Veronique; Shapiro, Kevin A.; Spelke, Elizabeth S., NEUROPSYCHOLOGIA, v.49, no.5, pp.924 - 936, 2011-04

The boundary-based view of spatial cognition: a synthesis

Lee, Sang Ahresearcher, Current Opinion in Behavioral Sciences, v.16, pp.58 - 65, 2017-08

The developing role of transparent surfaces in children's spatial representation

Gianni, Eugenia; De Zorzi, Laura; Lee, Sang Ahresearcher, COGNITIVE PSYCHOLOGY, v.105, pp.39 - 52, 2018-09

Working memory and reference memory tests of spatial navigation in mice (Mus musculus)

Lee, Sang Ahresearcher; Tucci, Valter; Sovrano, Valeria Anna; Vallortigara, Giorgi, JOURNAL OF COMPARATIVE PSYCHOLOGY, v.129, no.2, pp.189 - 197, 2015-05



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