(An) investigation of the electrochemical lithium intercalation reaction into transition metal oxides $Li_{1-δ}MO_2$ (M=Ni, Co, Mn) = $Li_{1-δ}MO_2$ (M=Ni, Co, Mn) 전이금속 산화물에서의 전기화학적 리튬 Intercalation 반응에 대한 연구

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The present work is concerned with the electrochemical lithium intercalation reaction into transition metal oxides $Li_{1-\delta}MO_2$ (M=Ni, Co, Mn). In chapter III, the effects of cation mixing on electrochemical lithium intercalation reaction into porous $Li_{1-\delta}Ni_{1-y}Co_yO_2$ electrodes in 1 M $LiClO_4$ propylene carbonate(PC) solution have been investigated by using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy(EIS) as functions of lithium content (1-$\delta$) and cobalt content y. The electrochemical lithium intercalation behaviour of porous $LiNiO_2$ electrodes prepared by solid-state reaction and sol-gel methods have been examined by using X-ray diffractometry(XRD), galvanostatic intermittent charge-discharge experiment, electrochemical impedance spectroscopy(EIS) and charge-discharge cycling test. The conventional oxide electrode showed a larger capacity loss, a greater instantaneous IR drop during the first intermittent discharge and a smaller chemical diffusivity than the gel-derived electrode. The results have been discussed with respect to the marked cation mixing effect in the former electrode. Furthermore the charge-discharge cycling test of the cell Li/organic electrolyte/gel-derived $LiNiO_2$ electrode exhibited an improved cell performance, the initial specific capacity of 150 Ah/kg and energy density above 500 Wh/kg. In chapter IV, the lithium transport through porous $Li_{1-\delta}CoO_2$ electrode has been studied by using potentiostatic current transient technique. The measured current transients were analysed in terms of the phase boundary movement based upon the concept of the quasi-equilibrium established by the open-circuit potential transient measurement. The scaling of the current and the time was performed with respect to the driving force and transferred charge by using the values of the quasi- equilibrium potential and the corresponding lithium stoichiometry. The scaled current transients consist of three stages and agree satisfac...
Pyun, Su-Il변수일
한국과학기술원 : 재료공학과,
Issue Date
133530/325007 / 000945448

학위논문(박사) - 한국과학기술원 : 재료공학과, 1998.2, [ xvii, 207 p. ]


Transition metal oxide; Intercalation; Battery; Lithium; Electrochemistry; 전기화학; 전이금속산화물; 인터칼레이션; 전지; 리튬

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