(A) nano-patterning method by trans-scalable microfabrication using 3D diffuser Lithography = 3차원 디퓨저 리쏘그래피를 이용하여 나노 패터닝이 가능한 트랜스 스케일 마이크로 공정법에 관한 연구

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In this thesis, a new nano-patterning method to increase productivity by trans-scalable microfabrication has been introduced, by using 3D diffuser lithography, metal electroplating, and nano imprint. There are high demands for nano-patterning from various industry fields and special applications such as nano-probe, nano-sifter, optical gratings, and so on. The conventional micro-pattering method like contact lithography with broadband light sources has fundamental limitations in sub-㎛ resolution. Various kinds of nanofabrications have been proposed to overcome the limitations, but most of them are not compatible with the conventional microfabircations and have low productivity in industry-level. Among the previously reported nanofabrications, nano imprint has high productivity. However, other advanced nanofabrications like e-beam lithography are needed to fabricate the mold having nano-patterns required in nano imprint, and that is a drawback of productivity. Therefore, nano imprint can be sufficiently productive as an industrial technology if there is any method that can fabricate the mold productively using conventional microfabrication. In this research, the nano-patterning method using 3D diffuser lithography which uses contact aligner had been proposed, and the characteristics and quality of the fabricated patterns had been verified. The fabricated patterns on the photoresist mold had been replicated into the rigid metal mold by metal electroplating. The quality and uniformity of the metal mold had been measured and verified. The metal mold had been used to make advanced nano-patterns on target with thermal nano imprint, and the final imprinted patterns had been measured and estimated. The proposed nano-patterning method had been performed with microfabrication, which is highly productive. And the feasibility of the nano imprint with the metal mold had been investigated. The resolution of patterns in nano-scale had been focused and verified during t...
Yoon, Jun-Boresearcher윤준보researcher
한국과학기술원 : 나노과학기술학제전공,
Issue Date
308570/325007  / 020073058

학위논문(석사) - 한국과학기술원 : 나노과학기술학제전공, 2009.2, [ viii, 69 p. ]


patterning; trans-scalable; Microfabrication; Lithography; MEMS; 패터닝; 트랜스스케일; 마이크로패브리케이션; 리소그래피; 멤스

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