Development of gamma spectrometer using silicon photomultiplier (SiPM) = 실리콘 광전자증배소자(SiPM)를 이용한 감마 스펙트로미터 개발

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Gamma spectroscopy is used to determine the identity and quantity of gamma-emitters in nuclear physics, geochemistry and astrophysics. The scintillation detectors are being used as a gamma spectrometer generally, because of their higher gamma-ray detection efficiency and cheaper price than germanium semi-conductor detectors. A typical scintillation detector is composed of a scintillator, a window, and a photodetector. The photomultiplier (PM) tube has been the most widely used as a photodetector because of its advantages like high sensitivity, high signal-to-noise ratio, and wide dynamic range. Recently, the Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM) is being studied as a substitute of PM tube. The SiPM has almost same performance compared to PM tube but it has additional advantages; low operating voltage, small volume, and cheap production cost. In this research, the gamma spectrometer using SiPM instead of PM tube is developed. The use of SiPM as a photodetector makes the gamma spectrometer smaller, cheaper, easier to use. For photon transport and collection from the large area scintillator to the small area SiPM, a light guide is applied in this gamma spectrometer system. Before fabrication of light guide, DETECT simulation is performed to study and prospect characteristics of light guide structure. And actual light guides are fabricated on the basis of this simulation result. Poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) is chosen as material of light guide, 5 sample light guides are fabricated in different lengths and coatings. As a scintillator crystal, same NaI(Tl) crystal is chosen. For measurement and analysis of gamma spectrometer system, 3 gamma spectrometer systems are composed; PM tube-based system, PM tube-based system with the light guide, SiPM-based system with the light guide. Through comparison between the results of each gamma spectrometer, the performances of gamma spectrometer system are analyzed by each component. Measurement results of the second system is well m...
Cho, Gyu-Seongresearcher조규성researcher
한국과학기술원 : 원자력및양자공학과,
Issue Date
467776/325007  / 020093140

학위논문(석사) - 한국과학기술원 : 원자력및양자공학과, 2011.2, [ vi, 46 p. ]


light guide; Silicon Photomultiplier(SiPM); Gamma spectrometer; Gamma spectroscopy; Thallium doped Sodium Iodide(NaI(Tl)); 섬광체; 광가이드; 실리콘 광전자증배소자; 감마 스펙트로미터; 감마선 분광법

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