Design of stability-guaranteed fuzzy logic controller for nuclear steam generators원자력발전소 증기발생기 수위제어를 위한 안정성이 보장되는 퍼지논리제어기의 설계

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A fuzzy logic controller(FLC) and a fuzzy logic filter(FLF), which have a special type of fuzzifier, inference engine, and defuzzifier, are applied to the water level control of a nuclear steam generator (S/G). It is shown that arbitrary two-input, single-output linear state feedback controllers can be adequately expressed by this FLC. A procedure to construct stability-guaranteed FLC rules is proposed. It contains the following steps: (1) The stable sector of linear feedback gains is obtained from the suboptimal concept based on LQR theory and the Lyapunov``s stability criteria; (2) The stable sector of linear gains is mapped into two linear rule tables that are used as limits for the FLC rules; (3) The construction of an FLC rule table is done by choosing certain rules that lie between these limits. This type of FLC guarantees asymptotic stability of the control system. The FLF generates a feedforward signal of S/G feedwater from the steam flow measurement using a fuzzy concept. Through computer simulation, it is found that the FLC with the FLF works better than well-tuned PID controller with variable gains to reduce swell/shrink phenomena especially for the water level deviation and abrupt steam flow disturbances that are typical in the existing power plants. A neurofuzzy logic controller (NFLC), that is implemented by using multi-layered neural network to have the same function as the FLC discussed above, is designed. The automatic generation of NFLC rule table is accomplished by using back-error-propagation (BEP) algorithm. There are two separated paths at the error back-propagation in the S/G. One is to consider the level dynamics depending on the tank capacity, and the other is to take into account the reverse dynamics of S/G. The amounts of error back-propagated through these paths show opposite effects to the BEP algorithm each other at the swell/shrink phenomena. Through the computer simulation, it is found that the BEP algorithm adequately generate...
No, Hee-Cheonresearcher노희천researcher
한국과학기술원 : 원자력공학과,
Issue Date
108783/325007 / 000845314

학위논문(박사) - 한국과학기술원 : 원자력공학과, 1996.8, [ xvii, 111 p. ]


Stability-guaranteed; Fuzzy logic controller; Steam generator; Robust control; 강인한 제어; 안정성 보장; 퍼지논리제어기; 증기발생기

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