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K4GeP4Se12: a case for phase-change nonlinear optical chalcogenide

Jang, J. I.; Park, S.; Harrison, C. M.; Clark, D. J.; Morris, C. D.; Chung, Inresearcher; Kanatzidis, M. G., OPTICS LETTERS, v.38, no.8, pp.1316 - 1318, 2013-04

Label-free cell separation and sorting in microfluidic systems

Gossett, DR; Weaver, WM; Mach, AJ; Hur, SC; Tse, HTK; Lee, Wonheeresearcher; Amini, H; et al, ANALYTICAL AND BIOANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY, v.397, no.8, pp.3249 - 3267, 2010-08

Label-free optical biosensing using a horizontal air-slot SiNx microdisk resonator

Lee, Shin-Young; Eom, Seok-Chan; Chang, Jee-Soo; Huh, Chul; Sung, Gun-Yong; Shin, Jung-Hoonresearcher, OPTICS EXPRESS, v.18, no.20, pp.20638 - 20644, 2010-09

Large-area, highly aligned cylindrical perfluorinated supramolecular dendrimers using magnetic fields

Yoon, Dong Kiresearcher; Lee, SR; Kim, YH; Choi, SungMinresearcher; Jung, HeeTaeresearcher, ADVANCED MATERIALS, v.18, no.4, pp.509 - +, 2006-02

Large-scale fabrication of single-phase Er2SiO5 nanocrystal aggregates using Si nanowires

Suh, Ki-Seok; Shin, Jung-Hoonresearcher; Seo, Seok-Jun; Bae, Byeong-Sooresearcher, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, v.89, pp.1751 - 1759, 2006-11

Light-Induced Peroxide Formation in ZnO: Origin of Persistent Photoconductivity

Kang, Youngho; Nahm, Ho-Hyunresearcher; Han, Seungwu, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.6, 2016-10

Linkage-length dependent structuring behaviour of bent-core molecules in helical nanostructures

Kim, Hanim; Zep, Anna; Ryu, Seong Ho; Ahn, Hyungju; Shin, Tae Joo; Lee, Sang Bok; Pociecha, Damian; et al, SOFT MATTER, v.12, no.14, pp.3326 - 3330, 2016

Liquid crystal phases in confined geometries

Ryu, Seong Ho; Yoon, Dong Kiresearcher, LIQUID CRYSTALS, v.43, no.13-15, pp.1951 - 1972, 2016-10

Liquid-crystal periodic zigzags from geometrical and surface-anchoring-induced confinement: Origin and internal structure from mesoscopic scale to molecular level

Yoon, Dong Kiresearcher; Yoon, Jinhwan; Kim, Yun Ho; Choi, Myung Chulresearcher; Kim, Jehan; Sakata, Osami; Kimura, Shigeru; et al, PHYSICAL REVIEW E, v.82, no.4, 2010-10

Lissajous Scanning Two-photon Endomicroscope for in vivo Tissue Imaging

Kim, Daniel Youngsuk; Hwang, Kyungmin; Ahn, Jinhyo; Seo, Yeong-Hyeon; Kim, Jae-Beom; Lee, Soyoung; Yoon, Jin Hui; et al, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.9, pp.3560, 2019-03

Lithographically Patterned Breath Figure of Photoresponsive Small Molecules: Dual-Patterned Honeycomb Lines from a Combination of Bottom-Up and Top-Down Lithography

Kim, Jung Hak; Seo, Myungeunresearcher; Kim, Sang Youlresearcher, ADVANCED MATERIALS, v.21, no.41, pp.4130 - 4130, 2009-11

Live Images of Donor Dendritic Cells Trafficking via CX3CR1 Pathway

Ueno, Takuya; Kim, Pilhanresearcher; Mcgrath, M. Martina; Yeung, Y. Melissa; Shimizu, Tetsunosuke; Jung, Keehoon; Sayegh, H. Mohamed; et al, FRONTIERS IN IMMUNOLOGY, v.7, 2016-10

Load-bearing supercapacitor based on bicontinuous PEO-b-P(S-co-DVB) structural electrolyte integrated with conductive nanowire-carbon fiber electrodes

Bae, Seok-Hu; Jeon, Choongseop; Oh, Saewoong; Kim, Chun-Gonresearcher; Seo, Myungeunresearcher; Oh, Il-Kwonresearcher, CARBON, v.139, pp.10 - 20, 2018-11

Load-Bearing Supercapacitor Based on Bicontinuous PEO-b-P(S-co-DVB) Structural Electrolyte Integrated with Conductive Nanowire-Carbon Fiber Electroldes

Bae, Seok-Hu; Jeon, Chung Sub; Oh, Saewoong; Kim, Chun-Gonresearcher; Seo, Myungeunresearcher; Oh, Il-Kwonresearcher, CARBON, v.139, pp.10 - 20, 2018-11

Longitudinal Tracing of Spontaneous Regression and Anti-angiogenic Response of Individual Microadenomas during Colon Tumorigenesis

Choi, Jin Woo; Kim, Pilhanresearcher; Kim, Jun Ki; Kim, Yi Rang; Fukumura, Dai; Yun, Seok Hyun, THERANOSTICS, v.5, no.7, pp.724 - 732, 2015-04

Low valent phosphorus in the molecular anions [P5Se12](5-) and beta-[P6Se12](4-): phase change behavior and near infrared second harmonic generation

Chung, Inresearcher; Jang, Joon I.; Gave, Matthew A.; Weliky, David P.; Kanatzidis, Mercouri G., CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS, pp.4998 - 5000, 2007

Low-noise Brillouin laser on a chip at 1064 nm

Li, Jiang; Lee, Hansuekresearcher; Vahala, Kerry J., OPTICS LETTERS, v.39, no.2, pp.287 - 290, 2014-01

Low-Pump-Power, Low-Phase-Noise, and Microwave to Millimeter-Wave Repetition Rate Operation in Microcombs

Li, Jiang; Lee, Hansuekresearcher; Chen, Tong; Vahala, Kerry J., PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, v.109, no.23, 2012-12

Luminescence of Er-doped amorphous silicon quantum dots

Nae-Man Park; Tae-Youb Kim; Sang Hyeob Kim; Gun Yong Sung; Kwan Sik Cho; Shin, JungHoonresearcher; Baek-Hyun Kim; et al, THIN SOLID FILMS, v.475, pp.231 - 234, 2005-03

Luminescence quenching in erbium-doped hydrogenated amorphous silicon

Shin, JungHoonresearcher; Serna, R; vandenHoven, GN; Polman, A; vanSark, WGJHM; Vredenberg, AM, APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS, v.68, no.1, pp.46 - 48, 1996-01

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