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Confined helical nanostructures of liquid crystals in porous anodic aluminium oxide film

Yoon, Dong Kiresearcher, International Conference on the frontiers of polymers and advanced materials 20th, International Conference on the frontiers of polymers and advanced materials 20th, 2015-03

Confined liquid crystal phase in the hierarchically self-assembled helical nanostructure

윤동기researcher, 2013 춘계학술대회 한국고분자학회, 한국고분자학회, 2014-04-10

Confined Self-Assembly of Toric Focal Conic Domains (The Effects of Confined Geometry on the Feature Size of Toric Focal Conic Domains)

Kim, Yun-Ho; Yoon, Dong-Kiresearcher; Choi, Myung-Chulresearcher; Jeong, Hyeon-Su; Kim, Mahn-Wonresearcher; Lavrentovich, Oleg D.; Jung, Hee-Taeresearcher, LANGMUIR, v.25, no.3, pp.1685 - 1691, 2009-02

Confocal endomicroscopic system Using fiber-optic harmonograph for real time in vivo imaging

황경민; 정기훈researcher; 이진구; 신효철; 이건희; 김형신; 강신혁; et al, Annual Biophotonics Conference 2019, (사)한국광학회, 2019-11-01

Confocal endomicroscopy using high resolution and high frame rate Lissajous fiber scanner

Hwang, Kyungmin; Jeong, Ki-Hunresearcher; Kim, Jae-Beom; Ahn, Jinhyo; Seo, Yeong-Hyeon; Kim, Pilhanresearcher, NBSIS 2017(2017 nano-Bio Sensing, Imaging & Spectroscopy), SPIE, 2017-02-22

Confocal Laser Scanning EndoMicroscope Using High Resolution and High Frame-rate Lissajous Fiber Scanner

Hwang, Kyungmin; Ahn, Jinhyo; Seo, Yeong-Hyeon; Kim, Pilhanresearcher; Jeong, Ki-Hunresearcher, ABC 2016, (사)한국광학회 바이오포토닉스분과, 2016-11-04

Conformational phase transitions and selective gating functions of nuclear pore complexes

Kim, Seongjin; Oh, Sung-Sik; Kim, Yong Woonresearcher, International Conference on Statistical Physics, IUPAP, 2013-07-22

Conformational phase transitions of nuclear pore complexes: a physical theory for nuclear transport

김용운researcher, 한국고분자학회 춘계학술대회, v.40, no.1, pp.38, 한국고분자학회, 2015-04-09

Conformations of semiflexible charged chains

Kim, Yong Woonresearcher, KAIST-UCSB Workshop on Exploring Structures at Multiple Length Scales, KAIST, UCSB, 2011-08-29

Conformations of semiflexible charged chains: An extended bundle versus repulsive coils

Koh, DW; Kim, Yong Woonresearcher; Yi, J, PHYSICAL REVIEW E, v.82, no.6, 2010-12

Control of a Branching Point in Branched Multiblock Macromonomers to Janus Core-Shell Bottlebrush Copolymers

남지윤; 서명은researcher; 김용주; 김정곤, 2019년도 한국고분자학회 추계 학술대회, 한국고분자학회, 2019-10-11

Control of Domain Size in Polymerization-Induced Microphase Separation by Addition of Homopolymer

Park, Jongmin; Kang, Dong-Chang; Seo, Myungeunresearcher, IUPAC-FAPS2017, The Polymer Society of Korea, 2017-10-13

Control of helical nanostructures in confined geometries

Yoon D. K.; Kim H.; Lee S. H.; E. Korblova; Walba D. M.; Clark N. A.; Lee S. B., 한국고분자학회 2012 추계학술대회 , 한국고분자학회, 2012-10-11

Control of heliconical structure of twist bend nematic liquid crystal phase via nanoconfinement

유라; 윤동기researcher, 제19회 한국 액정학술대회, 제19회 한국 액정학술대회, 2018-01-18

Control of inertial focusing with non-rectangular cross-section microchannel

Kim, Jeong Ah; Wu, Chueh Yu; Nam, Sung Min; Carlo, Dino Di; Lee, Won Hee, ICAMD 2015, Korean Physical Society, 2015-12-09

Control of Ion Transport in Sulfonated Mesoporous Polymer Membranes

Jeon, Chung Sub; Han, Joong jin; Seo, Myungeunresearcher, ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, v.10, no.47, pp.40854 - 40862, 2018-11

Control of ion transport in sulfonated nanoporous membranes

전충섭; 한중진; 서명은researcher, 2017년도 한국고분자학회 춘계 학술대회, 한국고분자학회, 2017-04-07

Control of Periodic Zigzag Structures of DNA by a Simple Shearing Method

Cha, Yun Jeong; Yoon, Dong Kiresearcher, ADVANCED MATERIALS, v.29, no.3, 2017-01

Control of polymer architecture via RAFT alternating copolymerization

Seo, Myungeunresearcher, Japan-Korea Joint Symposium on Polymer Science 2018, Hokkaido University, 2018-07-24

Control of porosity in hierarchically porous polymers derived from hyper-crosslinked block polymer precursors

Kim, Soobin; Seo, Myungeunresearcher, JOURNAL OF POLYMER SCIENCE PART A-POLYMER CHEMISTRY, v.56, no.8, pp.900 - 913, 2018-04

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