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Size- and Shape-Dependent Air-Stability of PbS Quantum Dots

Kim, Yong-Hyunresearcher; Choi, Hyekyoung; Ko, Jae-Hyeon; Jeong, Sohee, 한국물리학회 2013년 봄 학술논문발표회, 한국물리학회, 2013-04-24

Size- and Shape-Dependent Air-Stability of PbS Quantum Dots

Kim, Yong-Hyunresearcher; Hyekyoung Choi; Jae-Hyeon Ko; Sohee Jeong, KAIST-UMD Symposium, KAIST, UMD, WCU, 2013-07-07

Size-Dependent Inertial Focusing Position Shift and Particle Separations in Triangular Microchannels

Kim, Jeong Ah; Lee, Je-Ryung; Je, Tae-Jin; Jeon, Eun-chae; Lee, Wonheeresearcher, ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY, v.90, no.3, pp.1827 - 1835, 2018-02

Size-dependent inertial focusing positions in triangular chanenls and particle separation

김정아; 이재룡; 전은채; 이원희researcher, 2017 봄 학술논문발표회, 한국물리학회, 2017-04-21

Size-dependent shape transition in lead sulfide quantum dots

Choi, Hyehyoung; 김용현researcher; Jeong, Sohee, 대한화학회 춘계학술대회, 대한화학회, 2013-04-17

Size-dependent Transport in Porous Polymer Membranes via Polymerization-induced Microphase Separation: Pushing the Limit of Domain Size Control

Seo, Myungeunresearcher, American Chemical Society 2019 Fall National Meeting & Exposition, American Chemical Society, 2019-08-25

Slot resonator structures for biosensing application on Si platform

Shin, JungHoonresearcher, APC 2013, APC 2013, 2013-11-12

Slow colloidal growth of PbSe nanocrystals for facile morphology and size control

Lee, Seokwon; Lee, Dennis T.; Ko, Jae Hyeon; Kim, Woo-Jae; Joo, Jin; Jeong, Sohee; McGuire, John A.; et al, RSC ADVANCES, v.4, no.19, pp.9842 - 9850, 2014

Smectic Liquid Crystal Defects for Self-Assembling of Building Blocks and Their Lithographic Applications

Kim, Yun-Ho; Yoon, Dong-Kiresearcher; Jeong, Hyeon-Su; Lavrentovich, Oleg D.; Jung, Hee-Taeresearcher, ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS, v.21, no.4, pp.610 - 627, 2011-02

SNR enhancement of OTDR using biorthogonal codes and generalized inverses

Lee, D; Yoon, H; Kim, Pilhanresearcher; Park, J; Kim, NY; Park, N, IEEE PHOTONICS TECHNOLOGY LETTERS, v.17, no.1, pp.163 - 165, 2005-01

Soft Vibaration Driven Hydrogen Storage at Room Temperature: Lesson from First-Principles Thermodynamics

김용현researcher; Sung-Jae Woo; Eui-Sup Lee; Mina Yoon, 한국물리학회 2013년 가을학술논문발표회, 한국물리학회, 2013-10-30

Solid State Enabled Reversible Four Electron Storage

Yersak, Thomas A.; Macpherson, H. Alex; Kim, Seul Cham; Le, Viet-Duc; Kang, Chan Soon; Son, Seoung-Bum; Kim, Yong-Hyunresearcher; et al, ADVANCED ENERGY MATERIALS, v.3, no.1, pp.120 - 127, 2013-01

Solvent-Free Directed Patterning of a Highly Ordered Liquid Crystalline Organic Semiconductor via Template-Assisted Self-Assembly for Organic Transistors

Kim, Aryeon; Jang, Kwang-Suk; Kim, Jinsoo; Won, Jong Chan; Yi, MH; Kim, Hanim; Yoon, Dong Kiresearcher; et al, ADVANCED MATERIALS, v.25, no.43, pp.6219 - 6225, 2013-11

Some aspects of statistical mechanics in complex biology: selective transports and like-charge attractions

Ro, Sunghan; Cha, Minryeong; Yi, Juyeon; Kim, Yong Woonresearcher, Nonequilibrium Statistical Physics of Complex Systems, KIAS, 2018-07-09

Some aspects of statistical mechanics in complex biology: Selective transports and like-charge attractions

Kim, Yong Woonresearcher, Physics Seminar, Kavli Institute of Theoretical Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2018-07-16

Source of instability at the amorphous interface between InGaZnO4 and SiO2: A theoretical investigation

Song, Hochul; Kang, Youngho; Nahm, Ho Hyunresearcher; Han, Seungwu, PHYSICA STATUS SOLIDI B-BASIC SOLID STATE PHYSICS, v.252, no.8, pp.1872 - 1876, 2015-08

Spectral correlation in incommensurate multiwalled carbon nanotubes

Ahn, KH; Kim, Yong-Hyunresearcher; Wiersig, J; Chang, Kee-Jooresearcher, PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, v.90, no.2, pp.026601 - 026601, 2003-01

Spectral properties of incommensurate double-walled carbon nanotubes

Ahn, KH; Kim, Yong-Hyunresearcher; Wiersig, J; Chang, Kee-Jooresearcher, PHYSICA E-LOW-DIMENSIONAL SYSTEMS & NANOSTRUCTURES, v.22, pp.666 - 669, 2004-04

Spin and orbital angular momentum structure of Cu(111) and Au(111) surface states

Kim, Beomyoung; Kim, Choong H.; Kim, Panjin; Jung, Wonsig; Kim, Yeong Kwanresearcher; Koh, Yoonyoung; Arita, Masashi; et al, PHYSICAL REVIEW B, v.85, no.19, 2012-05

Spin-orbit coupling in strongly correlated systems

김용관researcher, 2017 가을 학술논문발표회 및 임시총회, 한국물리학회, 2017-10-25

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