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Large-displacement electromagnetic actuators using the meander springs partially exposed to magnetic field = 부분적으로 자기장에 노출된 굴곡형 스프링을 이용한 대변위 전자기력 구동기link

Seo, Dae-Geon; 서대건; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2009

솔-젤 방법에 의한 산화 아연 박막 트랜지스터의 제조 및 특성 = Fabrication and Characterization of Sol-Gel Processed ZnO Thin-Film Transistorslink

황영환; Hwang, Young-Hwan; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2009

(A) nano-patterning method by trans-scalable microfabrication using 3D diffuser Lithography = 3차원 디퓨저 리쏘그래피를 이용하여 나노 패터닝이 가능한 트랜스 스케일 마이크로 공정법에 관한 연구link

Kim, Dong-Haan; 김동한; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2009

Self-assembly of an amino acid skeleton to form stable nanobelts and their functionalization = 아미노산 나노구조체의 제조 및 기능화link

Oh, Jun-Kyun; 오준균; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2009

Utilization of Evaporation during the Crystallization Process: Self-Templation of Organic Parallelogrammatic Pipes

Seo, Myungeunresearcher; Kim, Jung Hak; Seo, Gon; Shin, Chae-Ho; Kim, Sang Youlresearcher, CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL, v.15, no.3, pp.612 - 622, 2009

Cross-axis cascading of spectral dispersion

Scarcelli, G; Kim, Pilhanresearcher; Yun, SH, OPTICS LETTERS, v.33, no.24, pp.2979 - 2981, 2008-12

Attractions between Like-Charged Surfaces with Dumbbell-Shaped Counterions

Kim, Yong Woonresearcher; Yi, J; Pincus, PA, PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, v.101, no.20, 2008-11

Macroporous and nanofibrous hyaluronic acid/collagen hybrid scaffold fabricated by concurrent electrospinning and deposition/leaching of salt particles

Kim, Taek Gyoung; Chung, Hyun Jungresearcher; Park, Tae Gwanresearcher, ACTA BIOMATERIALIA, v.4, no.6, pp.1611 - 1619, 2008-11

First-principles study of microscopic properties of the Nb antisite in LiNbO3: Comparison to phenomenological polaron theory

Nahm, Ho Hyunresearcher; Park, CH, PHYSICAL REVIEW B, v.78, no.18, pp.1324 - 1332, 2008-11

Opening space for H-2 storage: Cointercalation of graphite with lithium and small organic molecules

Zhao, YF; Kim, Yong-Hyunresearcher; Simpson, LJ; Dillon, AC; Wei, SH; Heben, MJ, PHYSICAL REVIEW B, v.78, no.14, 2008-10

Surface ordering of a rod-coil block molecule on the water subphase

Yoon, Dong Kiresearcher; Park, MH; Lee, M; Jung, HeeTaeresearcher, CURRENT APPLIED PHYSICS, v.8, no.6, pp.651 - 655, 2008-10

Accurate and efficient calculation of van der Waals interactions within density functional theory by local atomic potential approach

Sun, YY; Kim, Yong-Hyunresearcher; Lee, K; Zhang, SB, JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS, v.129, no.15, 2008-10

Raman spectroscopy of charge transfer interactions between single wall carbon nanotubes and [FeFe] hydrogenase

Blackburn, JL; Svedruzic, D; McDonald, TJ; Kim, Yong-Hyunresearcher; King, PW; Heben, MJ, DALTON TRANSACTIONS, pp.5454 - 5461, 2008-10

Reversible Lithium-Ion Insertion in Molybdenum Oxide Nanoparticles

Lee, SH; Kim, Yong-Hyunresearcher; Deshpande, R; Parilla, PA; Whitney, E; Gillaspie, DT; Jones, KM; et al, ADVANCED MATERIALS, v.20, no.19, pp.3627 - 3627, 2008-10

Product selectivity and catalytic deactivation of MOR zeolites with different acid site densities in methanol-to-olefin (MTO) reactions

Park, Ji Won; Kim, Sun Jung; Seo, Myungeunresearcher; Kim, Sang Youlresearcher; Seo, Gon, APPLIED CATALYSIS A-GENERAL, v.349, no.1-2, pp.76 - 85, 2008-10

Simultaneous achievement of high-quality oxide passivation of nc-Si and suppression of Er de-activation by silicon-rich silicon oxide/Er-doped silicon nitride multilayers

Kim, I.Y.; Shin, JungHoonresearcher; Kim, K.J.; Yang, M.-S.; Park, Y., 2008 5th International Conference on Group IV Photonics, GFP, pp.52 - 54, 2008-09-17

ErxY2-x-xSiO5 thin film waveguide for high optical gain per length at 1.53 μm

Suh, K.; Lee, S.; Chang, J.S.; Kim, I.; Shin, JungHoonresearcher; Lee, H.; Park, N., 2008 5th International Conference on Group IV Photonics, GFP, pp.338 - 340, 2008-09-17

Polymeric nanoparticles via noncovalent cross-linking of linear chains

Seo, Myungeunresearcher; Beck, Benjamin J.; Paulusse, Jos M. J.; Hawker, Craig J.; Kim, Sang Youlresearcher, MACROMOLECULES, v.41, no.17, pp.6413 - 6418, 2008-09

Preparation of mesoporous materials with adjustable pore size using anionic and cationic surfactants

Park, Ji Won; Jung, Dong Sin; Seo, Myung Eunresearcher; Kim, Sang Youlresearcher; Moon, Won-Jin; Shin, Chae-Ho; Seo, Gon, MICROPOROUS AND MESOPOROUS MATERIALS, v.112, no.1-3, pp.458 - 466, 2008-07

Transparent conductive single-walled carbon nanotube networks with precisely tunable ratios of semiconducting and metallic nanotubes

Blackburn, JL; Barnes, TM; Beard, MC; Kim, Yong-Hyunresearcher; Tenent, RC; McDonald, TJ; To, B; et al, ACS NANO, v.2, no.6, pp.1266 - 1274, 2008-06

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