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Cell alignment and migration by work of actomyosin constriction and microtubule-based transport on micro-scale surface topology

서수민; Wang, Po-Hsiang; Guo, Chinlin; 이원희researcher, 제 21 회 한국 MEMS 학술대회, (사)마이크로나노시스템학회, 2019-04-05

Development of microfluidic calorimeter for use in single-cell metabolic rate measurement

남성민; 서수민; 김종현; 이원희researcher, 제 21 회 한국 MEMS 학술대회, (사)마이크로나노시스템학회, 2019-04-05

Flexible and tunable microlens array using parylene microfluidics

서수민; 김지혜; 유재범; 임성갑researcher; 이원희researcher, 2017 한국바이오칩학회 추계학술대회, (사)한국바이오칩학회, 2017-11-09

Flexible and tunable parylene thin film microlens array

서수민; 김지혜; 유재범; 임성갑researcher; 이원희researcher, 한국MEMS학술대회, 마이크로나노시스템학회, 2018-04-06

Microfluidic Chip Calorimeter with pico-Watt Resolution for the Measurement of Single-cell Metabolic Rate

남성민; 김지혜; 서수민; 김종현; 이원희researcher, 2018 한국바이오칩학회 추계학술대회, (사)한국바이오칩학회, 2018-05-17

Parylene microfluidics integrated chip calorimeter for measurement of cellular metabolic rate

김지혜; 남성민; 김종현; 서수민; 이원희researcher, 한국MEMS학술대회, 마이크로나노시스템학회, 2018-04-05

Ultra-sensitive calorimetric sensor towards single cell metabolic rate measurement

남성민; 김지혜; 김종현; 서수민; 이원희researcher, 2016년 한국센서학회 종합학술대회, 한국센서학회, 2016-11-11

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