Twin hull cruise ship : for the future cruise ship market = 미래형 쌍동선형 크루즈선의 설계for the future cruise ship market

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The cruise market is showing a strong and continuous growth, and the cruise operators are in search for new concepts and bigger ships that can offer more spectacular experience to the passengers. The actual value of a cruise ship is determined by its design, onboard facilities and entertainment, as well as technical performance in terms of seaworthiness, environmental performance, and safety. Currently the Asian market makes out only 4.2 percent of the world cruise market; it is believed that this market has potential for growing much faster than other markets and that this may be achieved by introducing a new type of mega cruise ship. The proposed concept is a wide, catamaran type ship with two sleek, wave-piercing hulls. The overall length is 366 m with the total width 70 m. There are two separate superstructures facilitating more than two thousand passenger cabins, all with exterior balconies. There is also extensive exterior deck space. The twin hull design implies good stability and seaworthiness; however, the deck connecting the two hulls, will be exposed to extreme forces in severe weather; in particular the warping forces on the twin hull represent a formidable challenge. To this end a ship-wide cellular deck structure is devised for strength and stiffness; at the same time the interior of this large deck structure offer significant interior space for multiple usages. The ship also features many other new solutions such as protected space for life and service boats, and a possibility for use of a spectacular, large kite for supplementary propulsion.
Bergan, Paal G.베르간
한국과학기술원 : 해양시스템공학전공,
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468005/325007  / 020093474

학위논문(석사) - 한국과학기술원 : 해양시스템공학전공, 2011.2, [ vi, 57 p. ]


쌍동선; 카타마란; 크루즈선; cruise ship; twin hull; catamaran

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