Nanoplasmo-fluidic PCR chip with microliter volume for rapid diagnostics

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Rapid DNA amplification and prompt quantification of λ-DNA have been demonstrated using nanoplasmo-fluidic PCR chip to integrate plasmonic nanpillar arrays with microfluidic system. Glass nanopillar arrays with Au nanoislands can induce rapid heating/cooling rate on white light LED due to high plasmonic photothermal effect from strong light absorption in full visible range. Height of microchannel has linear proportional relationship with PCR time, and 2 μl of PCR mixture on the chip showed thermal cycling for 30 cycle within 5 min. The tight integration formed uniform gradient of sample temperature and reduced sample volume for high PCR speed and efficiency.
Chemical and Biological Microsystems Society
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23rd International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences, MicroTAS 2019, pp.695 - 696

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