Demonstration of high-accuracy 3D imaging using a Si optical phased array with a tunable radiator

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Precise imaging in three-dimension (3D) is an essential technique for solid-state light detection and ranging (LiDAR). Among various solid-state LiDAR technologies, silicon (Si) optical phased array (OPA)-based LiDAR has the significant advantage of robust 3D imaging due to its high scanning speed, low power consumption, and compactness. Numerous techniques employing a Si OPA have utilized two-dimensional arrays or wavelength tuning for longitudinal scanning but the operation of those systems is restricted by additional requirements. Here, we demonstrate high-accuracy 3D imaging using a Si OPA with a tunable radiator. As we adapted a time-of-flight approach for distance measurement, we have developed an optical pulse modulator that allows a ranging accuracy of less than 2 cm. The implemented Si OPA is composed of an input grating coupler, multimode interferometers, electro-optic p-i-n phase shifters, and thermo-optic n-i-n tunable radiators. With this system, it is possible to attain a wide beam steering range of 45 degrees in a transversal angle with a 0.7 degrees divergence angle, and 10 degrees in a longitudinal angle with a 0.6 degrees divergence angle can be achieved using Si OPA. The character toy model was successfully imaged in three dimensions with a range resolution of 2 cm using the Si OPA. The further improvement of each component of the Si OPA will allow even more accurate 3D imaging over a longer distance.
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OPTICS EXPRESS, v.31, no.6, pp.9935 - 9944

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