PopStage: The Generation of Stage Cross-Editing Video based on Spatio-Temporal MatchingPopStage: The Generation of Stage Cross-Editing Video based on Spatio-Temporal Matching

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StageMix is a mixed video that is created by concatenating the segments from various performance videos of an identical song in a visually smooth manner by matching the main subject's silhouette presented in the frame. We introduce PopStage, which allows users to generate a StageMix automatically. PopStage is designed based on the StageMix Editing Guideline that we established by interviewing creators as well as observing their workflows. PopStage consists of two main steps: finding an editing path and generating a transition effect at a transition point. Using a reward function that favors visual connection and the optimality of transition timing across the videos, we obtain the optimal path that maximizes the sum of rewards through dynamic programming. Given the optimal path, PopStage then aligns the silhouettes of the main subject from the transitioning video pair to enhance the visual connection at the transition point. The virtual camera view is next optimized to remove the black areas that are often created due to the transformation needed for silhouette alignment, while reducing pixel loss. In this process, we enforce the view to be the maximum size while maintaining the temporal continuity across the frames. Experimental results show that PopStage can generate a StageMix of a similar quality to those produced by professional creators in a highly reduced production time.
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SIGGRAPH Asia 2022

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