Structural and spectroscopic analysis of hydrate formation in clay minerals and the enhancement of pvdf based electrolyte as energy storage systems = 에너지 저장 시스템으로 광물내의 하이드레이트와 PVDF계 전해질 특성 향상에 대한 구조 해석 및 분광학적 방법 연구

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Natural gas hydrates and electrolytes are essential materials applied for clean-energy storage and battery systems regarded as the new energy resources. Thus, the scope of this study can be divided into two fields, specifically gas hydrates and electrolyte as materials for energy storage systems. The first one is the investigation of methane hydrate formation in marine sediments to identify the fundamental insight into the growth of intercalated methane hydrate in clay minerals and to compare the results with those in pure methane hydrate. The second one is the fundamental investigation of the new fillers for enhancing ionic conductivity of PVDF based gel electrolyte especially ZnS have not been reported for enhancing materials yet. Natural gas hydrates have been applied to many industrial fields such as selective separation of targeted component, $CO_2$ sequestration into the deep ocean and exploitation of natural gas hydrates thus, they have been considered as a future-clean energy resource instead of fossil fuels which contaminating all around world however, we are poor at understanding of the characteristics of hydrates systems with respect to an environmental origin. Gas hydrates are found in ocean sediment under the certain P/T conditions. With the existence of clay minerals, most natural gas hydrates have sI of methane hydrate which intercalated interlayer of clay minerals. Thus, clay minerals have been regarded as important materials to identify the original mechanism of methane hydrate formation in deep ocean sediments. Recently, we investigated the effect of various clay types which subdivided into Wyoming- and Cheto-type clay minerals. To gain the fundamental insights into the growth of intercalated hydrates, we have synthesized and characterized methane hydrate formation in Cheto-type clay minerals affected to little promotion effect during the growth of gas hydrate. Second, ZnS (zinc sulfide), one of the materials, which have a large band g...
Lee, Huenresearcher이흔researcher
한국과학기술원 : 생명화학공학과,
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296206/325007  / 020063244

학위논문(석사) - 한국과학기술원 : 생명화학공학과, 2008.2, [ viii, 97 p. ]


Hydrate; clay; ZnS; electrolyte; filler; 하이드레이트; 광물; 황화아연; 전해질; 충전제; Hydrate; clay; ZnS; electrolyte; filler; 하이드레이트; 광물; 황화아연; 전해질; 충전제

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