Brand Voiceprint

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Firms endeavor to differentiate their products and brands by applying various elements to their marketing communication tools. One underutilized element is the human voice, which carries much information about the speaker (both static and dynamic) and may serve as the “auditory face” of a brand. In this study, we propose a concept that we have named the “voiceprint,” which identifies the “ideal” voice for promoting a product/brand. In our conceptual framework, we illustrate how different combinations of acoustic features in voices that represent the product evoke certain perceptions and images, which ultimately drive preferences toward the product/brand. To empirically demonstrate that consumers are indeed affected by voices, we conducted a laboratory study wherein subjects evaluated different actors’ voices in radio advertisements for various product categories. The data were analyzed using voice feature extraction methods and by applying a latent class multivariate model. The results showed that different voices indeed have a significant effect on people’s preferences. In addition, heterogeneity in different consumer segments and product categories was found regarding important voice features that drove preferences. Managerially, our findings provide guidance for marketers regarding how to effectively select the right voice for their marketing communications.
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Customer Needs and Solutions, v.8, no.4, pp.123 - 136

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