A Comparative Analysis of Heatwave Vulnerable Regions using Heat Index Frequency, Heat-related Mortality and Heatwave Vulnerability Assessment

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Purpose: In this study, based on the disaster vulnerability analysis manual, the heatwave vulnerability of Daegu Metropolitan City, South Korea, is evaluated by administrative districts, and the characteristics of each detailed spatial region within the city are analyzed. Method: A comparative analysis is performed with the results of the vulnerability analysis by introducing the frequency analysis of the heat index (HI), an index indicating the degree of heat felt by humans, and an analysis of the heat-related mortality index indicating the damage caused by heatwaves. For a comparative analysis of the three analysis results, a four-level-based distribution map was created for each analysis result by dividing the results into four levels using Jenk’s natural classification method in QGIS. Result: As a result of a comparative analysis, the results of vulnerability analysis rather than the HI frequency analysis showed a relatively more similar distribution to heat-related mortality. Likewise, in the Pearson correlation analysis conducted for quantitative verification, the vulnerability analysis result showed the highest positive correlation with the mortality analysis result. The results show that a more comprehensive plan is needed to analyze various components, such as citizens, infrastructure, and buildings, by spatial area in the city to construct a more realistic response system to heatwaves. This study shows the importance of examining the regional and spatial characteristics within a city and confirms the need to accurately diagnose the cause of heatwaves and prepare appropriate mid- to long-term planning and policy establishment processes accordingly.
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KIEAE Journal, v.21, no.6, pp.13 - 21

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