(Contributed talks) Nonlocal Spin Transport Mediated by a Vortex Liquid in Superconductors

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Departing from the conventional view on superconducting vortices as a parasitic source of dissipation for charge transport, we propose to use mobile vortices as topologically-stable information carriers [1]. To this end, we start by constructing a phenomenological theory for the interconversion between spin and vorticity, a topological charge carried by vortices, at the interface between a magnetic insulator and a superconductor, by invoking the interfacial spin Hall effect therein. We then show that a vortex liquid in superconductors can serve as a spin-transport channel between two magnetic insulators by encoding spin information in the vorticity. The vortex-mediated nonlocal signal between the two magnetic insulators is shown to decay algebraically as a function of their separation, contrasting with the exponential decay of the quasiparticle-mediated spin transport.
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APS March Meeting 2019

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