Closed Form Solutions for Predicting Lateral Response of Tripod Suction Pile for Offshore Wind Turbine Foundation

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This study presents a simplified analysis technique capable of predicting the dynamic behavior of a tripod suction pile subjected to a horizontal load. The first natural frequency of the system, horizontal displacement, and allowable rotation angle at the pile head were set as target physical quantities in accordance with substructure design requirements. In consideration of the physical characteristics of the tripod suction pile, the analysis was extended to the single pile-multi-pile-tripod-tower part to derive the influence factors. A possible displacement response function that could be applied to the intermediate pile range was also proposed. Thereafter, a detailed design was determined using an integrated load analysis, which included a turbine based on the basic design of simplified analysis method. Furthermore, the dynamic behavior of the offshore wind turbine at each installation stage was predicted using a numerical analysis and measured via field tests. The displacement at the pile head and the predicted value of the first natural frequency of the system were compared using the field-measured and numerical analysis values. The first natural frequency value produced by the simple analysis method showed an error range within 1%, and the displacement at the pile head also satisfied the structural design requirements. Therefore, this method provides a quick and accurate solution to the lateral response of tripod suction piles as foundations for offshore wind turbines.
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