X-MIMO: Cross-Technology Multi-User MIMO

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Multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO) is a widely-known, fundamental technique to significantly improve the spectrum efficiency. While there is a great demand for spectrum efficiency and massive scalability under explosively increasing IoT, hardware limitations make it particularly challenging for the mechanism to be transferred to the IoT (e.g., ZigBee) domain. This paper presents X-MIMO, a zero-cost, software-only cross-technology MU-MIMO for commodity ZigBee. As the first work to shed the light on the feasibility of MU-MIMO on commodity IoT, X-MIMO leverages on cross-technology communication (CTC) to turn the pervasively-deployed WiFi AP into MU-MIMO transmitter, delivering different packets to multiple ZigBees in parallel. X-MIMO uniquely exploits WiFi CSI to extract the accurate physical layer signal of the ZigBee packet and the WiFi-ZigBee channel coefficient. Rigorous derivation shows that X-MIMO's precoding is inherently immune to the uncertainties of the commodity devices, making X-MIMO highly reliable in practice. Lastly, spectrum-efficient emulation is proposed to maximize the spectrum reuse. We implement and comprehensively evaluate the performance of X-MIMO on commodity devices (Atheros AR9334 WiFi NIC and TelosB CC2420) as well as on USRP B210 for in-depth analysis. Results reveal that X-MIMO achieves 495 Kbps with <1% symbol error rate (SER) and 704.24 Kbps with 6.1% SER for two and three streams, respectively. Near-linear increase of the throughput effectively demonstrates the feasibility of X-MIMO.
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SenSys &apos;20: The 18th ACM Conference on Embedded Networked Sensor Systems, pp.218 - 231

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