AlgoPlan: Supporting Planning in Algorithmic Problem-Solving with Subgoal Diagrams

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Planning a solution before writing code is essential in algorithmic problem-solving. However, novices often skip planning and jump straight into coding. Even if they set up a plan, some do not connect to their plan when writing code. Learners solving algorithmic problems often struggle with high-level components such as solution techniques and sub-problems, but existing representations that guide learners in planning, such as flowcharts, focus on presenting lower-level details. We use subgoal diagrams-diagrams made of subgoal labels and the relationships between them-as a representation that guides learners to focus on high-level plans when they develop solutions. We introduce AlgoPlan, an interface that enables learners to build their own subgoal diagram and use it to guide their problem-solving process. A preliminary study with seven students shows that subgoal diagrams help learners focus on high-level plans and connect these plans to their code.
Association for Computing Machinery
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7th Annual ACM Conference on Learning at Scale, L@S 2020, pp.389 - 392

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