A -240dB-FoMjitter and -115dBc/Hz PN @ 100kHz, 7.7GHz Ring-DCO-Based Digital PLL Using P/I-Gain Co-Optimization and Sequence-Rearranged Optimally Spaced TDC for Flicker-Noise Reduction

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Methods to detect and correct timing errors of oscillators are very important to achieve the low-jitter performance of a ring-DCO (RDCO) digital PLL (DPLL). A TDC is widely used to quantize these timing errors. The higher the resolution of a TDC, the lower the quantization noise becomes. However, such TDCs require large power to cover a sufficiently wide dynamic range. Instead, [1], [2] presented jitter-minimization techniques that used a bang-bang phase detector (BBPD) and the background optimization of the proportional gain of the loop, KP (top left of Fig. 17.1.1). This approach is effective for low-power designs but is limited in reducing the output jitter, since the information of timing errors by the BBPD is just binary. To overcome this limit, [3] used three parallel BBPDs, each of which had a different time threshold, τ TH . While maintaining the optimal spacing between the τ TH S (instead of decreasing it unconditionally) along with the calibration of K P , the DPLL in [3] succeeded in decreasing the jitter. Despite these efforts, previous DPLLs [1]-[3] had a fundamental limit to minimizing the jitter since they optimized only K Pbased on an incorrect assumption that the RDCO jitter was “white” Gaussian while ignoring flicker noise. However, different from thermal noise, the energy of flicker noise is concentrated at low-frequency offsets near DC, and its effect appears as a random drift of the RDCO frequency over time [4]. Thus, to suppress flicker noise and further reduce the overall jitter, the flicker-induced frequency drifts (f DS ) must be calibrated by adjusting the gain of the integral path, K 1 , as well as K P .
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2020 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference, ISSCC 2020, pp.266 - 268

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