Deterministic quantum emitter operating at room temperature in optical communication wavelength using intersubband transition of nitride-based semiconductor quantum dot, method of fabricating same, and operating method thereof 질화물 기반 반도체 양자점의 하위밴드 전이를 이용한 광통신파장에서 상온 동작 가능한 결정적 양자광원과 그 제작 방법 및 동작 방법

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Disclosed are a deterministic quantum emitter operating at room temperature in an optical communication wavelength using the intersubband transition of a nitride-based semiconductor quantum dot, a method of fabricating the same, and an operating method thereof. A method of fabricating a quantum emitter includes forming a three-dimensional (3-D) structure in a substrate, forming an n type-doped thin film at the upper part of the 3-D structure, forming a quantum dot over the n type-doped thin film, regrowing the 3-D structure in order to use the 3-D structure as an optical structure, depositing a metal thin film at a vertex of the 3-D structure, and connecting electrodes to an n type-doped area and the metal thin film, respectively. A carrier may be captured in the quantum dot by applying a voltage to the connected electrodes. The quantum emitter may be driven by optically exciting the quantum dot.
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