K-culture time machine: Development of creation and provision technology for time-space-connected cultural contents

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The “K-Culture Time Machine” project develops technologies to structure diverse cultural content from associated organizations and projects, including the “Cultural Heritage hub-bank,” and construct new cultural content connected to time and space, then develop a technique that provides the structured content to industries (culture, tourism, IT) and the public. To integrate heterogeneous dataset, designing a new data model is a vital process for our project. As Europeana designed data model which aims to integrate and link several data set across cultural institutions of Europe, we also invented a new data model that encompasses a wide range of metadata for cultural institution in Korea. This approach and data model aim to provide a possibility of semantic link between heterogeneous dataset. This project also provides services with various visualization techniques (virtual reality, augmented reality, etc.) for cultural heritage by traveling through a variety of historical periods in its contents. Last, the project develops image-based time-space content configuration techniques and a software framework that enables visualization with various devices. We perform a validation and feedback process of research and development on the implemented prototype service “Journey of a Korean world cultural heritage”.
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17th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, HCI International 2015, pp.428 - 435

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