Duplication Based Distance-Free Freehand Virtual Object Manipulation

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In this paper, we propose duplication based distance-free freehand virtual object manipulation system for AR. Importance of freehand interaction with virtual objects is getting more attention as research on AR environment is extending its technological basis and AR applications are rising fast. However, a proper freehand virtual object manipulation system with overwhelming performances has not been established yet. In order to achieve both accurate selection and intuitive manipulation, we implement simple idea that user can always manipulate the object by simple grabbing whether the object is within reach or not. Our system utilizes ray-casting based selection of remote object followed by duplication of selected remote object which is located in front of user. Duplicate object can be directly manipulated using user's own hand. Our method suggests delicate manipulation of remote object regardless of distance from the user as well as consistent and flexible operations of both selection and manipulation mode.
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.
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2017 International Symposium on Ubiquitous Virtual Reality, ISUVR 2017, pp.10 - 13

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GCT-Conference Papers(학술회의논문)
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