Dynamic-web search system for bio-information = 바이오정보통합을 위한 동적 웹검색 시스템

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Biological databases and tools sources provide us with essential information and have become indispensable parts of researches. However, as biological researches of reasonable scope involve information that spans multiple biological domains, numerous visits to manifold tools and disparate databases are preordained. Moreover, unprecedented rate at which experimental data are accumulating with the advent of high-throughput technologies is making it even harder for biologists to sift through multiple information sources. In order to address such an issue, couple different approaches to biological information integration have been proposed namely structured data approach, linked data approach and text-based data approach. Each of the approaches has inherent advantages and disadvantages. For instance, text data based approach boasts the highest scalability yet suffers in the functionality criterion. Similarly, structured data approach features the highest functionality at the cost of scalability. In this paper, we present Unified Concentrated Retrieve and Navigation (UNICORN) that can take advantage of merits of three approaches by applying a novel dynamic web indexing technique on the domain of biological information integration. Dynamic web resource comprises of more than 99% of all resources available on the Web, yet indexing the resource has been largely neglected until recently in both biological and general information retrieval communities. Conventional dynamic web resource access method relied on a simple on HTML form exploitation. We propose a feasible methodology to automatically integrate biological resources based on a novel dynamic web access technique that does not rely on the HTML form exploitation in biological domain using UNICORN. UNICORN is capable of locating biological resources on the Internet and automatically identifying structural information of data source to address both scalability and functionality issues of biological information integr...
Lee, Do-Heonresearcher이도헌researcher
한국과학기술원 : 바이오시스템학과,
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244296/325007  / 020034305

학위논문(석사) - 한국과학기술원 : 바이오시스템학과, 2005.2, [ viii, 51 p. ]


dynamic web; Biological database integration; deep web; 딥 웹; 동적 웹; 생물학 데이타베이스 통합

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