HEVC 기반 초해상화를 이용한 비디오 부호화 효율 성능 분석 Performance Analysis of Super-Resolution based Video Coding for HEVC

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Since the resolutions of videos increase rapidly, there are continuing needs for effective video compression methods despite an increase in the transmission bandwidth. In order to satisfy such a demand, a reconstructive video coding (RVC) method by using a super resolution has been proposed. Since RVC reduces the resolution of the input video, when frames are compressed to the same size, the number of bits per pixel increases, thereby reducing coding artifacts caused by video coding. However, RVC method using super resolution is not effective in all target bitrates. Comparing the size of the loss generated while downsizing the resolution and the size of the loss caused by the video compression, only when the size of loss generated in the video compression is larger, RVC method can perform the improved compression performance compared to direct video coding. In particular, since HEVC has considerably higher compression performance than the previous standard video codec, it can be experimentally confirmed that the compression distortions become larger than the distortions of downsizing the resolution only in the very low-bitrate conditions. In this paper, we applied RVC based HEVC in various video types and measured the target bitrates that RVC method can be effectively applied.
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