Pitch variable liquid lens array using electrowetting

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These days micro lens array is used in various fields such as fiber coupling, laser collimation, imaging and sensor system and beam homogenizer, etc. One of important thing in using micro lens array is, choice of its pitch. Especially imaging systems like integral imaging or light-field camera, pitch of micro lens array defines the system property and thus it could limit the variability of the system. There are already researches about lens array using liquid, and droplet control by electrowetting. This paper reports the result of combining them, the liquid lens array that could vary its pitch by electrowetting. Since lens array is a repeated system, realization of a small part of lens array is enough to show its property. The lens array is composed of nine (3 by 3) liquid droplets on flat surface. On substrate, 11 line electrodes are patterned along vertical and horizontal direction respectively. The width of line electrodes is 300um and interval is 200um. Each droplet is positioned to contain three electrode lines for both of vertical and horizontal direction. So there is one remaining electrode line in each of outermost side for both direction. In original state the voltage is applied to inner electrodes. When voltage of outermost electrodes are turned on, eight outermost droplets move to outer side, thereby increasing pitch of lens array. The original pitch was 1.5mm and it increased to 2.5mm after electrodes of voltage applied is changed.
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SPIE Ohotonics West 2017

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