Radar-absorbing structure with the metallic material coated dielectric fabric금속 코팅된 유전체 섬유를 활용한 전자파 흡수 구조물에 관한 연구

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Multi- functional composite materials have a lot of advantages that nano-materials can be added to the polymer matrix due to these additional characteristics. The fiber reinforced composite materials have potential for application ranging from commercial to military system. To improve the durability related to the structural use of these materials, researchers have examined as to whether radar-absorbing structure (RAS) with absorption of electromagnetic waves can be used for load- bearing structures to reduce radar cross section (RCS). Extant studies combine conventional absorbers with nano-conductive particles to obtain various dielectric permittivity that are implemented by using nano-conductive particles with high weight percentage (wt. %) that are dispersed in a polymer matrix to improve radar absorbing performance. Some researchers recently developed the different types of RASs with periodic pattern surfaces made from lossy materials. However, the dispersion of nano-conductive particles in a polymer matrix is an extremely complicated process as mechanical and electrical properties are altered based on the dispersion of the added nano-materials; Also, these implemented method has several disadvantages and drawbacks in terms of fabrication, performance and application. In case of radar absorbers based on resistive sheets of various periodic patterns fabricated as combinations of fiber-reinforced composite materials, degradation in mechanical performance is caused by reduced interlaminar shear strength. Also, these studies mainly focus in the effect of electrical properties with flat-plate shape specimens with respect to paramedic studies. Most researches listed limitations in terms of a practical approach from the design to fabrication. In this study, a thin and lightweight narrowband RASs with new design concept by electrical modification of dielectric fabric via an electroless plating technique was proposed without dispersing nano-conductive particles in a polymer matrix. Also, to enlarge the complex permeability related to the magnetic properties, the broadband RASs with the magnetic material coated fabric was presented by an Rf magnetron sputtering deposition method.
Kim, Chun Gonresearcher김천곤researcher
한국과학기술원 :항공우주공학과,
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학위논문(박사) - 한국과학기술원 : 항공우주공학과, 2018.2,[vi, 93 p. :]


radar cross section (RCS)▼aradar absorbing structure (RAS)▼amulti-functional composite materials; stealth aircraft▼anarrowband microwave absorbing structure▼abroadband microwave absorbing structure; 레이더 반사 면적▼a전자파 흡수 구조물▼a다기능 복합재료▼a스텔스 항공기▼a협대역 전자파 흡수 구조물; 광대역 전자파 흡수 구조물

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