Maritime safety analysis framework considering human collaborative relation network = 인적 협업 네트워크 특성을 고려한 해양 시스템의 안전 분석 프레임워크 연구

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Since the system is associated with complex human collaboration, it cannot be pointed out that only one person related to the surface factor referred to as an accident factor is the cause of the accident. In other words, it cannot be considered as an accident or an individual responsibility within the specified job scope of an individual who is in charge of a specific task, and a lot of human collaboration is involved. In particular, complex specified collaboration and unexpectedly connected collaboration are important in maritime systems, it is necessary to analyze the expression of collaboration relationships more intuitively. Therefore, it is focuses on increasing the resolution of analysis into human collaborative relationships. This dissertation introduces the proposed human collaborative relation(HCR)-based safety management framework in this study. The framework is based on FRAM proposed by Hollnagel and the result by FRAM analysis is integrated with the suggested framework. This dissertation introduced the concept of HCR and HCRN, the connection with FRAM, and the templates and unit diagrams for integrated FRAM-HCRN analysis. In addition, the templates that support the derivation of strategy to improve HCRN and system FRAM network. As a result, HCRN as well as system FRAM network was improved to reflect the derived strategy. Also, it was found that improvement in HCRN have an impact on improvements in system FRAM network, and vice versa, since they are mutually complementary. In other words, it is necessary to derive a strategy considering the interaction between improvement of each network. In this dissertation, three maritime accidents were analyzed using the proposed integrated FRAM-HCRN analysis framework. Analysis using this framework showed that analysis and the derivation of strategies can be differentiated in terms of focusing on the collaboration relationship. It is the direction of this dissertation that facing and recognize of current status of complex collaborative relationships in maritime systems, and aims to improve the collaborative relation step by step. Finally, the goal is to improve safety through improved collaborative relation and maritime system.
Chang, Daejunresearcher장대준researcherChung, Hyunresearcher정현researcher
한국과학기술원 :기계공학과,
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학위논문(박사) - 한국과학기술원 : 기계공학과, 2018.8,[viii, 150 p. :]


Maritime safety▼aFRAM▼ahuman collaborative relation▼asafety management▼ahuman collaborative; 해양 시스템 안전▼a기능공명 분석법▼a인적 협업 관계▼a안전 분석

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