Space development without a dream : implications of an industry focused space policy in establishing a sustainable national space program국가우주개발 정책 추진체계 및 성과에 관한 다중흐름모형 분석

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This dissertation examines the policy system for space development in South Korea by analyzing the players and processes in planning and implementing the space activities of the nation. With the analysis of major space groups (Satellite Technology Research Center and Korea Aerospace Research Institute), a series of national space development plans, and highly publicized space events and public perceptions thereof, this study tracks how key rationales for space development were embedded in the design and operation of the major space organizations and their activities as well as how the government effort to increase public interest in national space activities in fact led to both scrutiny and criticism of the major space programs by the general public. In particular, based upon the Multiple Streams Framework that has been used to identify major actors and sort out policy processes, the study analyzes the establishment and evolution of two major space programs - the Korean Astronaut Program and the KSLV-I Program - and explores further public opinion on them using a big data tool. One of the central findings of this dissertation is that top-down government controlled national space development in South Korea during the past two decades focused on economic values such as the promotion of aerospace industries has constrained national space development to remain in the rather narrow-range activities, thus contributing to an increasing discrepancy between the public understanding and expectations of the nation’s space activities and the goals and plans of the government for national space development.
Kim, So Youngresearcher김소영researcher
한국과학기술원 :과학기술정책대학원,
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학위논문(박사) - 한국과학기술원 : 과학기술정책대학원, 2018.2,[vii, 192 p. :]


space policy▼aspace development▼aSatellite Technology Research Center▼aKorea Aerospace Research Institute▼aKorean astronaut▼aKSLV-I▼amultiple streams framework▼ainternet trends▼abig data; 우주정책▼a우주개발▼a인공위성연구센터▼a한국항공우주연구원▼a한국우주인배출사업▼a나로호▼a다중흐름모형▼a인터넷 트렌드▼a빅데이터

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