Trajectory optimization and nonlinear tracking control for stratospheric airship platform = 성층권비행선의 궤적 최적화 및 비선형 추종제어기 연구

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This thesis is mainly concerned with the optimal trajectory generation and nonlinear tracking control for stratospheric airship platform. Full ascent three-dimensional flight trajectory synthesis is solved to a station-keeping position with and without jet stream condition. To overcome limitations of previous studies, full point-mass equations of motion for flight mechanics of the airship are treated by considering moving wind field, added mass, and buoyancy effects. Furthermore, necessary accurate modeling is developed based on wind-tunnel test results, flight test, computational fluid dynamics analysis, and meteorological observation data. The real constraints of flight conditions and airship performance are included so that the optimal trajectories reflect the realistic conditions to the best extent possible without simplification of model and assumption. The sequential quadratic programming approach is employed as a numerical solver for both minimum flight time and minimum energy performance indices. The solutions obtained satisfy all the constraints, and represents that the minimum time trajectories are better than those of the minimum energy trajectories. To compensate the difference of mismatching between the point-mass model of optimal trajectory and 6-DOF model of the nonlinear tracking problem, new refined trajectory optimization scheme is proposed. By applying this, it reduces the dissimilarity of both problems and leads to decrease the number of uncertainties existing on the nonlinear equations of motion in stratospheric airship. In addition, its refined optimal trajectories supplies better results of non-sensitive to the variation of jet stream during the flight. Finally, 6-DOF nonlinear equations of motion are derived including the moving wind field and vectorial backstepping approach is applied based on Lyapunov stability. Its good performance also opens the possibilities to apply the nonlinear methodologies to follow the refined optimal trajecto...
Bang, Hyo-choongresearcher방효충researcher
한국과학기술원 : 항공우주공학전공,
Issue Date
295445/325007  / 020045187

학위논문(박사) - 한국과학기술원 : 항공우주공학전공, 2008.2, [ viii, 134 p. ]


비행선; 궤적 최적화; 제트 스트림; 추종 제어; 백스테핑 제어; airship; trajectory optimization; jet stream; tracking control; backstepping control; 비행선; 궤적 최적화; 제트 스트림; 추종 제어; 백스테핑 제어; airship; trajectory optimization; jet stream; tracking control; backstepping control

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