Solar conversion of CO2 into methanol by metal organic framework(MOF) photocatalyst

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Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) are very interesting hybrid materials which are constructed from a metal ion secondary building unit and various bridging organic ligands. With regard to catalysis, MOFs are valuable materials since they possess high specific surface area and flexibility for a determined catalytic reaction. However, the photocatalytic applications of MOFs are seriously limited by a significant loss of activity upon exposure to air humidity. We use a water-stable europium based MOF for the photocatalytic conversion of CO2 and water into methanol. The new MOF photosystem consisted of an organic ligand that absorbs light and generates charge and a Eu cluster that separates charges and catalyze CO2 into methanol. Eu-MOF showed promising results for the solar light-induced conversion of CO2 into methanol without any additives and it doesn't use itself for carbon source. We believe that this result could stimulate research on MOF photocatalysts for solar conversion of CO2.
American Chemical Society
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245th ACS National Meeting & Exposition, v.245, no.138-ENFL

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