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Evaluating Time Trend Correction Approaches Associated with Empirical Bayes Before-after Study for Road Safety

Choi, Yoon-Young; Kho, Seung-Young; Jang, Kitaeresearcher; Kim, Dong-Kyu, KSCE JOURNAL OF CIVIL ENGINEERING, v.22, no.11, pp.4593 - 4601, 2018-11

Evaluation of incentive policies for electric vehicles: An experimental study on Jeju Island

Kwon, Yeong Min; Son, Sanghoon; Jang, Kitaeresearcher, TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PART A-POLICY AND PRACTICE, v.116, pp.404 - 412, 2018-10

Evaluation of Pedestrian Safety : Pedestrian Crash Hot Spots and Risk Factors for Injury Severity

Jang, Kitaeresearcher; Park, Shin Hyoung; Kang, Sanghyeok; Song, Ki Han; Kang, Seungmo; Chung, Sungbong, TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH RECORD, no.2393, pp.104 - 116, 2013

Evaluation of Section Speed Enforcement System Using Empirical Bayes Approach and Turning Point Analysis

Shim, Jisup; Kwon, Oh Hoon; Park, Shin Hyoung; Chung, Sungbong; Jang, Kitaeresearcher, JOURNAL OF ADVANCED TRANSPORTATION, v.2020, pp.9461483, 2020-02

Evaluation of the Low Error-Rate Performance of LDPC Codes over Rayleigh Fading Channels Using Importance Sampling

Ahn, Seok-Ki; Yang, Kyeongcheol; Har, Dongsooresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON COMMUNICATIONS, v.61, no.6, pp.2166 - 2177, 2013-06

Evolutionary topology optimization using design space adjustment based on fixed grid

Jang, In Gwunresearcher; Kwak, Byung Manresearcher, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL FOR NUMERICAL METHODS IN ENGINEERING, v.66, pp.1817 - 1840, 2006-06


Kwak, Sanghoon; Lee, Jeong-Gun; Jung, Eun-Gu; Har, Dongsooresearcher; Ercegovac, Milos D; (Lee, Jeong-A, JOURNAL OF CIRCUITS SYSTEMS AND COMPUTERS, v.18, no.4, pp.787 - 800, 2009-06

Fast Multi-Satellite ML Acquisition for A-GPS

Kong, Seung-Hyunresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS, v.13, no.9, pp.4935 - 4946, 2014-09

Feasibility Analysis and Performance Evaluation of a Novel Power-Split Flywheel Hybrid Vehicle

Song, Chiwoong; Kum, Dongsukresearcher; Kim, Kyung-Sooresearcher, ENERGIES, v.11, no.7, 2018-07

Feasibility Analysis on Ground-level Stations and Wireless Power Transfer Technology Applications for Monorail Systems

Hwang, Karam; Chung, Jong-Duk; Lee, Kibeom; Tak, Junyoung; Suh, In-Sooresearcher, International journal of railway, v.7, no.3, pp.71 - 79, 2014-09

Feasibility Assessment and Design Optimization of a Clutchless Multimode Parallel Hybrid Electric Powertrain

Kim, Sun Je; Kim, Kyung-Sooresearcher; Kum, Dongsukresearcher, IEEE-ASME TRANSACTIONS ON MECHATRONICS, v.21, no.2, pp.774 - 786, 2016-04

Feasibility study on thermoelectric device to energy storage system of an electric vehicle

Suh, In-Sooresearcher; Cho, H.; Lee, Minyoung, ENERGY, v.76, pp.436 - 444, 2014-11

Ferrite Position Identification System Operating With Wireless Power Transfer for Intelligent Train Position Detection

Hwang, Karam; Cho, Jaeyong; Park, Jaehyoung; Har, Dongsooresearcher; Ahn, Seungyoungresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INTELLIGENT TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS, v.20, no.1, pp.374 - 382, 2019-01

FMCW 레이더에서의 1D FRI (Finite Rate of Innovation) 초고해상도 기법 적용 및 분석

유경우; 공승현researcher, 한국자동차공학회 논문집, v.22, no.7, pp.31 - 39, 2014-11

Foreword: Special Section on Recent Progress in the Electrical Design of Advanced Package and Systems

Han, Ki Jin; Ahn, Seungyoungresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON COMPONENTS PACKAGING AND MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY, v.8, no.1, pp.3 - 4, 2018-01

Foreword: Special Section on Recent Progress in the Electrical Design of Advanced Package and Systems (Part 2)

Han, Ki Jin; Ahn, Seungyoungresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON COMPONENTS PACKAGING AND MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY, v.8, no.4, pp.509 - 510, 2018-04

Frequency symbol spreading based adaptive subcarrier block selection for OFDMA system

Ahn, Chang-Jun; Har, Dongsooresearcher; Omori, Tatsuya; Hashimoto, Ken-ya, DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING, v.22, no.3, pp.518 - 525, 2012-05

Fully automated segmentation of a hip joint using the patient-specific optimal thresholding and watershed algorithm

Kim, Jung Jin; Nam, Jimin; Jang, In Gwunresearcher, COMPUTER METHODS AND PROGRAMS IN BIOMEDICINE, v.154, pp.161 - 171, 2018-02

Future Urban Transportation Technologies for Sustainability with an Emphasis on Growing Mega Cities: A Strategic Proposal on Introducing a New Micro Electric Vehicle Segment

Honey, Emilio; Lee, Hojin; Suh, In-Sooresearcher, World Technopolis Review, v.3, no.3, pp.139 - 152, 2014

Game theoretic approaches for highway infrastructure protection against sea level rise: Co-opetition among multiple players

Papakonstantinou, Ilia; Lee, Jinwooresearcher; Madanat, Samer Michel, TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PART B-METHODOLOGICAL, v.123, pp.21 - 37, 2019-05

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