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Efficient phase sequence generation for SLM scheme without side information

Kim, Hyunju; Hong, Eonpyo; Ahn, Changjun; Har, Dongsooresearcher, IEICE ELECTRONICS EXPRESS, v.8, no.17, pp.1393 - 1398, 2011-09

Peak-to-Average Power Ratio Reduction for MISO OFDM Systems with Adaptive All-Pass Filters

Hong, Eonpyo; Har, Dongsooresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS, v.10, no.10, pp.3163 - 3167, 2011-10

Frequency symbol spreading based adaptive subcarrier block selection for OFDMA system

Ahn, Chang-Jun; Har, Dongsooresearcher; Omori, Tatsuya; Hashimoto, Ken-ya, DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING, v.22, no.3, pp.518 - 525, 2012-05

Spectrum Sensing by Parallel Pairs of Cross-Correlators and Comb Filters for OFDM Systems With Pilot Tones

Hong, Eonpyo; Kim, Kiseon; Har, Dongsooresearcher, IEEE SENSORS JOURNAL, v.12, no.7, pp.2380 - 2383, 2012-07

Reduction of Electromagnetic Field from Wireless Power Transfer Using a Series-Parallel Resonance Circuit Topology

김종훈; 김홍석; 김인명; 김영일; 안승영researcher; 김지성; 김정호researcher, Journal of Electromagnetic Engineering and Science, v.11, no.3, pp.166 - 173, 2011-09

On-road electrification for optimized power supply in OLEV® application

Suh, In-Sooresearcher, Journal of Integrated Design and Process Science, v.15, no.3, pp.13 - 27, 2011-09

센싱 및 계측 기술에서의 혁신: 지구물리 탐사를 위한 압축센싱 및 초고해상도 기술

공승현researcher; 한승준, 지구물리와 물리탐사, v.14, no.4, pp.335 - 341, 2011-11

Control algorithm of HVAC system power management in OLEV® application

Suh, In-Sooresearcher; Shin, Eun-Gyeong, Journal of Integrated Design and Process Science, v.15, no.3, pp.29 - 42, 2011-09

Dual influences on vehicle speed in special-use lanes and critique of US regulation

Jang, Kitaeresearcher; Cassidy, Michael J., TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH PART A-POLICY AND PRACTICE, v.46, no.7, pp.1108 - 1123, 2012-08

Adaptive All-Pass Filter Achieving Low Peak-to-Average Power Ratio for OFDM Systems

Hong, Eonpyo; Har, Dongsooresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON VEHICULAR TECHNOLOGY, v.60, no.8, pp.4029 - 4034, 2011-10

Adaptive Phase Rotation of OFDM Signals for PAPR Reduction

Hong, Eonpyo; Park, Youngin; Lim, Sangchae; Har, Dongsooresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON CONSUMER ELECTRONICS, v.57, no.4, pp.1491 - 1495, 2011-11

Traffic Characteristics of High-Occupancy Vehicle Facilities Comparison of Contiguous and Buffer-Separated Lanes

Jang, Kitaeresearcher; Oum, Sanghyouk; Chan, Ching-Yao, TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH RECORD, pp.180 - 193, 2012

Analysis of injury severity in traffic crashes: A case study of Korean expressways

Park, Sunghee; Jang, Kitaeresearcher; Park, Shin Hyoung; Kim, Dong-Kyu; Chon, Kyung Soo, KSCE JOURNAL OF CIVIL ENGINEERING, v.16, no.7, pp.1280 - 1288, 2012-11

Parallel Parity Checksum and Syndrome Generation for Digital Video and Audio Transmission over Cable Channel

Hong, Eonpyo; Jung, Eungu; Hong, Junhee; Yim, Jaewon; Har, Dongsooresearcher, IEICE TRANSACTIONS ON INFORMATION AND SYSTEMS, v.E92D, pp.1435 - 1441, 2009-07

Mitigation of noise coupling on RF cable using electromagnetic bandgap structures

Park, Hyunho; Ahn, Seungyoungresearcher, ELECTRONICS LETTERS, v.47, no.15, pp.849 - 1930, 2011-07

High Step-Up DC-DC Converters Using Zero-Voltage Switching Boost Integration Technique and Light-Load Frequency Modulation Control

Seong, Hyun-Wook; Kim, Hyoung-Suk; Park, Ki-Bumresearcher; Moon, Gun-Wooresearcher; Youn, Myung-Joongresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER ELECTRONICS, v.27, no.3, pp.1383 - 1400, 2012-03

Single-Magnetic Cell-to-Cell Charge Equalization Converter With Reduced Number of Transformer Windings

Park, Sang-Hyun; Park, Ki-Bumresearcher; Kim, Hyoung-Suk; Moon, Gun-Wooresearcher; Youn, Myung-Joongresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER ELECTRONICS, v.27, no.6, pp.2900 - 2911, 2012-06

A novel single-stage AC-DC converter with quasi-resonant zero-voltage-switching for high power factor and high efficient applications

Kim, Myung-Bok; Park, Ki-Bumresearcher; Youn, Myung Joongresearcher, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CIRCUIT THEORY AND APPLICATIONS, v.39, no.7, pp.733 - 749, 2011-07

No-Load Power Reduction Technique for AC/DC Adapters

Lee, Byoung-Hee; Park, Ki-Bumresearcher; Kim, Chong-Eun; Moon, Gun-Wooresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER ELECTRONICS, v.27, no.8, pp.3685 - 3694, 2012-08

Computational simulation of trabecular adaptation progress in human proximal femur during growth

Jang, In Gwunresearcher; Kim, Il Yong, JOURNAL OF BIOMECHANICS, v.42, no.5, pp.573 - 580, 2009-03

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