Silver Nano-particle Generation Using Ion Nuclei in a Supersonic Nozzle

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dc.contributor.authorJung, Jae Hee-
dc.contributor.authorKim, Sang Soo-
dc.identifier.citation한국입자에어로졸학회 학술대회 논문집, pp.289-290en
dc.description.abstractThe silver nano particle generation using ion nuclei was evaluated in a supersonic nozzle. For generating ion, we applied the sonic-jet corona discharge method. The corona ions act as nuclei for the silver vapor condensation and generated particles are charged unipolarly. The TEM(Transmission Electron Microscope) analysis of particle showed that the repulsive coulomb force between charged particles reduces their coagulation rate and produces non-agglomerated and charged nano particles.en
dc.titleSilver Nano-particle Generation Using Ion Nuclei in a Supersonic Nozzleen


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