TTS DB 압축을 위한 광대역 파형보간 부호기 구현Implementation of Wideband Waveform Interpolation Coder for TTS DB Compression

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dc.contributor.author양, 희식-
dc.contributor.author한, 민수-
dc.contributor.authorYang, Heesik-
dc.contributor.authorHahn, Minsoo-
dc.identifier.citation대한음성학회지 말소리, Vol.55, pp.143-157en
dc.description.abstractThe adequate compression algorithm is essential to achieve high quality embedded TTS system. in this paper, we Propose waveform interpolation coder for TTS corpus compression after many speech coder investigation. Unlike speech coders in communication system, compression rate and anality are more important factors in TTS DB compression than other performance criteria. Thus we select waveform interpolation algorithm because it provides good speech quality under high compression rate at the cost of complexity. The implemented coder has bit rate 6kbps with quality degradation 0.47. The performance indicates that the waveform interpolation is adequate for TTS DB compression with some further studyen
dc.subjectwaveform interpolationen
dc.subjectTTS DB compressionen
dc.subjectspeech coderen
dc.subjectcharacteristic waveformen
dc.titleTTS DB 압축을 위한 광대역 파형보간 부호기 구현en
dc.title.alternativeImplementation of Wideband Waveform Interpolation Coder for TTS DB Compressionen
dc.publisher.alternativeThe Korean Society of Phonetic Sciences and Speech Technologyen


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