Deep Submicron MOSFET Modeling for Manufacturing

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dc.contributor.authorLee, Kwyro-
dc.description.abstractNew semi-empirical device models have been developed for modern deep submicron NMOS and PMOSFET's, respectively. The characteristics are that they are based on device physics, that their expressions are simple and analytical for the entire gate and drain bias ranges, and most importantly that their parameter extraction is very straightforward. The last feature is especially important for automatic data acquisition system, enabling statistical circuit design, device characterization, device design, yield analysis, and QC and QA, which is mandatory in manufacturing environment. This modeling includes DCI-V characteristics as well as hot electron effects. The computational efficiency of our models for circuit simulation is also demonstrated using AIM-Spice, a GUI circuit simulator based on SPICE 3 kernel running under Window 3.1TM environment, which has been developed jointly with Norwegian Institute of Technology in Norway and University of Virginia in U.S.A.en
dc.titleDeep Submicron MOSFET Modeling for Manufacturingen


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