The Development of Anti-windup Scheme for Time Delay Control with Switching Action using Integral Sliding Surface

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The Time Delay Control with Switching Action (TDCSA) method, which consists of Time Delay Control(TDC) and a switching action of sliding mode control(SMC), has been proposed as a promising technique in the robust control area, where the plant has unknown dynamics with parameter variations and substantial disturbances are preset. When TDCSA is applied to the plant with saturation nonlinearity, however, the so-called windup phenomena are observed to arise, causing excessive overshoot and instability. The integral element of TDCSA and the saturation element of a plant cause the windup phenomena. There are two integral effects in TDCSA. One is the integral effect occurred by time delay estimation of TDC. Other is the integral term of an integral sliding surface. In order to solve this problem, we have proposed an antiwindup scheme method for TDCSA. The stability of the overall system has been proved for a class of nonlinear system. Experiment results show that the proposed method overcomes the windup problem of the TDCSA.
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Windup; Time Delay Control; Switching Action

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