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Visualization of dynamic reorganization in freestanding planar lipid membranes by membrane-based reactionslink

Lee, Hyun-Ro; Choi, Siyoung; et al, 2020

Synthesis, properties, and application of zeolite-templated carbonslink

Choi, Seokin; Choi, Minkee; et al, 2019

Designing catalytic processes for producing fuels and valuable chemicals from triglycerideslink

Lee, Kyungho; Choi, Minkee; et al, 2019

Development of advanced dehydrogenation catalyst for the production of light olefinslink

Kwon, Hanchang; Choi, Minkee; et al, 2021

Rational design of amine-based solid adsorbents for post-combustion CO2 capturelink

Choi, Woosung; Choi, Minkee; et al, 2021

(The) effects of structural characteristics of Sn-BEA zeolites on catalytic activities for glucose Isomerizationlink

Eom, In Yong; Choi, Minkee; et al, 2021

Development of three-dimensional nanostructures based on secondary sputtering phenomenon and its applicationslink

정우빈; Jung, Hee-Tae; et al, 2018

Potential-dependent small molecule activation at the electrode-electrolyte interface: theoretical investigationlink

Choi, Changhyeok; Jung, Yousung; et al, 2021

Fabrication of large-area planar alignment of organic supramolecular nanostructures by directed self-assembly and its applicationslink

Park, Kangho; Jung, Hee-Tae; et al, 2021

High-performance tire of silica-based elastomer composite using nanomaterialslink

Kang, Chang-Hwan; Jung, Hee-Tae; et al, 2021

Utilization of CO2 in power plant flue gas for the production of lipid and carbohydrate using microalgaelink

Cho, Jun Muk; Chang, Yong Keun; 장용근; Koh, Dong-Yeun; et al, 2020

Enhancing CO oxidation activity using Re-dispersed Pd-based bimetallic catalysts by hydrothermal treatmentlink

Choi, Min Suk; Lee, Hyunjoo; et al, 2021

Metal-doping effect on metal oxide surface to enhance activity and durability for catalytic oxidationlink

Bae, Junemin; Lee, Hyunjoo; et al, 2021

Atomic metal catalysts for maximum performance of surface reactionslink

Jeong, Hojin; Lee, Hyunjoo; et al, 2021

Shape-controlled electrocatalysts for gas diffusion electrodes in water, and carbon dioxide electrolysislink

Lim, Jinkyu; Lee, Hyunjoo; et al, 2021

Ir-Ru bimetallic catalyst for lean NOx reduction by CO at low temperaturelink

You, Young-Woo; Lee, Hyunjoo; et al, 2021

Controlling catalytically active phases for low-temperature NOx storage and reductionlink

Kim, Beom-Sik; Lee, Hyunjoo; et al, 2021

Design of high spatial resolution renewable energy supply chain integrating mathematical model and geographic information systemlink

Kang, Seongwhan; Lee, Jayhyung; et al, 2021

Modeling and optimization of diesel-powered solid oxide fuel cell system for auxiliary power unitlink

Kim, Daewook; Lee, Jayhyung; et al, 2021

Techno-economic and environmental evaluation of CO2 mineralization technology based on bench scale experimentlink

Lee, Ji Hyun; Lee, Jay H.; et al, 2021

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