A Simple Tuning Method for Robust MIMO PID Control for Robot Manipulators

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In this paper, we show a simple tuning method of MIMO PID control for robot manipulators. The proposed method enables us to tune PID gains with the smaller number of parameters than the numbers of existing PID gains. To support this, we show a result that Time-Delay Control in sampled data system becomes equivalent to PID control when a plant to be controlled is of 2nd order phase variable form such as robot manipulator dynamics. Using this equivalence, we obtain a relationship between PID gains and parameters of Time-Delay control, and we briefly analyze stability of the PID control. Thanks to the compact and succinct form and robust property of TDC, the tuning procedure of PID control becomes simple and straightforward. And robustness of PID control is also achieved. The proposed tuning method is verified on the experiment of an industrial 6 DOF robot manipulator.
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International Conference Electrical Machines and Systems

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