Augmented Human

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Will Augmented Reality (AR) allow us to access digital information, experience others' stories, and thus explore alternate realities? AR has recently attracted attention again due to the rapid advances in related multimedia technologies as well as various glass-type AR display devices. However, in order to widely adopt AR in alternated realities, it is necessary to improve various core technologies and integrate them into an AR platform. Especially, there are several remaining technical challenges such as 1) real-time recognition and tracking of multiple objects while generating an environment map, 2) organic user interface with awareness of user's implicit needs, intentions or emotion as well as explicit requests, 3) immersive multimodal content augmentation and just-in-time information visualization, 4) multimodal interaction and collaboration during augmented telecommunication, etc. In addition, in order to encourage user engagement and enable an AR ecosystem, AR standards should be established that support creating AR content, capturing user experiences, and sharing the captured experiences.
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the 3rd International Workshop

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